Bot Shot Powerglide Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Powerglide
Series: Bot Shots
Allegiance: Autobot
Alternate Mode: A-10 Thunderbolt Bomber Plane

Height: 3cm Length: 6cm Width: 5cm

   A brick red superdeformed plane, Powerglide has a metallic canopy and four grey tyres undersea - it's a very simple colour scheme. There's no allegiance symbol or other markings, but there's enough sculpting here to make the colours work. The red is a good match for that of G1 Powerglide, by the way.

   This chibi plane has shortened wings, oversized engines at the back and four big grey wheels underneath for him to roll on. It doesn't look like Powerglide's ever getting off the ground. There are small sculpted guns under each wing and tailfins outside the engines.

   A simple red plane-on-a-wheelbase, Powerglide looks like a caricature (I guess all Bot Shots do, really), but works well enough. The distinctive red carried over from G1 really identifies him, too.


   In theory you have to crash him headlong into another Bot Shot. You can always just press on the nose. Either way, through internal gears and springs he'll stand up on his feet (between the rear wheels), the front will flip back to reveal his head and the arms pop out from under his wings.

Height: 5cm Width: 6.5cm

   A brick red robot with silver paint on his arms, thighs and face, Powerglide has light blue eyes. He has silver screwheads visible on his chest on either side of the spinning panel on his chest which will be either red, blue or green depending on position. The colour scheme is still very red, but with the silver it's much more colourful.

   As with all Bot Shots, this is a very short, chibi robot. The feet are big while the legs are vestigial (although the silver paint on his thighs helps makes them more prominent). His torso is short and his head huge. His arms splay out to the sides and there's a backpack in the form of the front end of the plane mode. Aside from the spinning panel, there's no play value here. His facial features are essentially those of G1 Powerglide, with the mouthplate and rounded head. There's even the laser tip on top.

   The scores on his chest are Sword 150 (red); Blaster 770 (blue) & Fist 700 (green).

   A simple robot which a decent colour scheme and a well defined G1 look - in some ways he's more G1 accurate than the Universe 2.0 version.


   None that I'm aware of.


   It's a character that hasn't been revisited too much, making him a good candidate for a cute line like this. Bot Shots are incredibly simple, cutesy Transformers. You're either going to appreciate them or hate the concept. I like the match of this fun line and this revisiting of a MiniBot character - 8/10

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