Bot Shot Bumblebee Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Bumblebee
Series: Bot Shots
Allegiance: Autobot
Alternate Mode: Camaro

Height: 3cm Length: 5cm Width: 3.5cm

   A small yellow superdeformed black Camaro with metallic blue windows, Bumblebee has black plastic tyres & no other colours. There's no allegiance symbol here, although in truth he could use the paint application.

   This chibi sports car has a massive spoiler on the back and a fairly low detail front piece featuring sculpted headlights & grille - although they're only vaguely Camaro. He has large sports car-esque tyres rounding out the simple details here.

   A cute little car but one that needs a little more colour. It's quite generic really as the mould (minus grille) is also used for Barricade & Prowl.


   In theory you have to crash him headlong into another Bot Shot. You can always just press on the front bumper. Either way, through internal gears and springs he'll stand up on his feet (between the rear wheels), the front will flip back to reveal his head and the doors pop out to form arms.

Height: 5cm Width: 7cm

   A yellow robot with a silver face and metallic blue eyes, Bumblebee has silver screwheads visible on his chest which work as false headlights for the false car front on his chest. There's also the spinning panel on his chest which will be either red, blue or green depending on position. As in vehicle mode he's based on yellow & lacking in paint - the chest really needs more colour than just the screws. There's some silver on his arms (which is kind of pointless) and on his thighs. The face is basically the "reissue" head of G1 Bumblebee (i.e. based on G1 cartoon Bumblebee).

   As with all Bot Shots, this is a very short, chibi robot. The feet are big while the legs are vestigial, the torso short and the head huge. His arms splay out to the sides and there's a backpack in the form of the front of the car. Aside from the spinning panel, there's no play value here.

   The scores on his chest are Sword 970 (red); Blaster 630 (blue) & Fist 110 (green).

   A simple robot with a well sculpted head but poor paint apps; Bumblebee's robot mode is disappointing.


   As is the case with modern Bumblebee toys there are numerous repaints; I actually have the cadmium yellow 3-pack repaint (which has much better paint apps including a painted chest) but grey tyres which look silly. There's also a white, transparent and G1-toylike repaint.


   Bot Shots are incredibly simple, cutesy Transformers. You're either going to appreciate them or hate the concept. Bumblebee has many versions but the two most "standard" are both flawed & the Camaro is not well executed so this is one of the weaker Bot Shots - 5/10

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