BotCon 2010 Slicer Toy Review

Individual Review

Slicer Series: Energon
Allegiance: Decepticon
Alternate Mode: Sports Car

Thanks to fatbot for loaning me Slicer for this review

Height: 4cm Length: 14cm Width: 7.5cm

   A blue sports car with black details, transparent red windows and headlights, a black spoiler and tyres and grey rear sunshade, mufflers and hubcaps. Slicer is a repaint of Energon Downshift in G1 Slicer colours. The right rear hubcap has an Decepticon spark crystal in the centre, that rotates with the wheel. It's a good colour scheme, and one that tributes the Actionmaster well, and while the transparent red is a little ugly, it looks good overall. On either door he sports large purple stamped Decepticon logos, with silver borders.

   The front of the car reminds me of a 1980s Ford Mustang, while the rear section is more like the Lancia Stratos - Wheeljack's alt mode (Slicer and Downshift are both based on Wheeljack). The doors swing up like those on a Stratos, although you have to open the roof out a little in order to lift out the doors. Inside the cockpit is nothing more that grey robot bits, but I'm impressed they added this functionality. Slicer rolls along quite well, considering he lacks axles.

   He comes with two energon weapons, a red missile launcher and a red shotgun. There are holes just behind the front wheels and just above the rear wheels, giving him a total of four mounting points. If attached at the front and pointing backwards, the weaponry becomes exhaust pipes (the missile even has filtration holes), which is okay but they look much better pointing forward. I'm usually not a fan of energon weapons, but Slicer's look good mounted on his sides and the colour helps mesh the red on his windows. The weapons do not combine, but the missile will fire about half a metre, thanks to a spring inside the launcher.

   A better tribute than Downshift, who was never quite sure who he was tributing. Sure, Slicer never had an alternate mode, but hints at a sports car mode, so this alt mode fits nicely. It's a fairly good car mode, although the moulded detail isn't quite as good as it could be. Unusually, the weapons really fit in, unlike the majority of forced-on energon weaponry.


   Lift the roof out and swing down onto the hood, split the two halves of the front. Turn the vehicle over and most of the robot mode is there, flip up the shins, swing out the feet and swing the shin panels back down. Fold out the feet and heelspurs, unclip the arms and pull them out to the sides. Swing the panel above his head down onto his back, position the arms and fold down the mufflers.

   You have three weapons options. The first is to place an energon weapon in each hand and the second is to mount them on the holes now on the sides of his shoulders (very Wheeljack, no?). The third option is to detach the charcoal spoiler and clip each red weapon into the it's outer supports - now mounts for the weapons, and use the central support as a handle. I'm really impressed with this feature - the spoiler works so well as a spoiler, you'd never guess it's part of his weapons system. I don't think we've seen weaponry that assembles this well since Rhinox.

Height: 14cm Width: 9.5cm

   Slicer is now mainly grey and blue, and these colours are very much Slicer. The chest, upper arms, forearm shields and outer shins are blue while the shoulder joints, lower arms, groin, thighs and feet are grey. His inner shins are black, along with the tyres on his upper arms and outer shins. His groin is painted gold. There's a false roof on his chest, with black and green details and false blue window. His head is black with a gold mouthplate, red eyes and antennae and a poor lightpipe. The face screams Slicer (since it's based on Wheeljack). The use of gold paint really nails this tribute, and I'm impressed with just how faithful this is to the G1 colours - the main departure being the switch from grey to black on his head.

   There are lot of aspects derived from Wheeljack, making this an excellent Slicer homage. The false roof on his chest makes it seem like there's a lot of car mode here, but it's just for the tribute. Just above the roof part of the chest is a small moulded Autobot symbol, which is painted dark purple so it's hard to discern. Alex & kup inform me that Slicer can also substitute for Shattered Glass Wheeljack, giving this Autobot logo some credence (even if it's actually carried over from the original version of the mould).

   For me the most impressive aspect of this toy is the play value in robot mode. It's a clear G1 tribute, with a good car mode, but still manages to have a fun robot mode. The mufflers becoming little cannons on his shoulders is a really nifty idea, and as mentioned you have several options for the energon weapons. And then there's the poseability.

   Slicer's neck is a restricted ball joint that allows him to look to either side about 30 and up about 20. His shoulders are ball joints mounted on hinges, while his elbows are also hinged. The hips hinge out to the sides and the knees swivel, while there are hinges in the thighs that allow him to (effectively) have bent knees. His feet and heelspurs are big enough that he's stable in a wide variety of poses. The leg articulation isn't as good as it could be, since they also become combined-mode arms, but I like the fact that he's difficult to overbalance.

   Versatile weaponry, well applied colours and decent poseability make this a a fun robot mode. The Slicer tribute is unmistakable, and is very well executed - as is usually the case with BotCon toys.


   None that I'm aware of. Slicer was exclusively available at BotCon 2010, and was likely limited to a single production run. As mentioned, he is a repaint of Energon Downshift.


   While many BotCon toys shoehorn a tribute into a mould, this repaint works exceptionally well as a tribute, thanks to the history of the character. The colour scheme is well applied making this a fantastic tribute, and while the transparent red is a tad garish, that suits Slicer's era anyway. This is a good mould despite being a simple one. His energon weapons are an asset rather than a poor add-on, while the false roof on the chest is well done. Recommended if you appreciate the "European" G1 era - 9/10

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