BotCon Rapido Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Rapido
Series: Convention Exclusives
Allegiance: Autobot
Alternate Mode: Sports Car

Height: 4.5cm Length: 13cm Width: 6cm

   A red sports car with black painted hood and roof and silver on his rear windows, Rapido is a repaint of Universe 2.0 Bluestreak based on Rapido. The read and tailights are while while the front bumper is black and there's a prominent yellow G2 Autobot logo on his windshield along with "AUTOBOT" in yellow lettering. Rapido has a silver & black G2 Autobot logo on his hood and the number "19" on his doors as on the original. The silver rear window is a subtle nod to the silver engineblock behind the cabin on the original toy.

   This car is more of a production model than the very racy original, and he's based on a modern Nissan 350z, with some changes to avoid trademark infringements (thanks for FortMax Reed for this info). There are twin double exhausts at the back and a sunroof panel on the roof.

   The black plastic tyres actually sport grey hubcaps, which is easy to overlook but is an interesting touch. The front two thirds of this car are actually composed of the transparent plastic. As with most Classics/Henkei moulds, there's minimal play value here. The wheels roll and that's it. Still, he works well without being spectacular, and the tribute is very well done.


   Lift up the rear bumper panels, flip out the rear to form his boots. Pull out the feet and flip out his heelspurs. Pull the doors out and fold the front fenders inside the doors, pull the arms out to the sides. Detach the gun underneath the cabin, lift up the widow's peak, flip out his head and push the widow's peak back down. Lift up the roof, flip out his shoulder cannons, fold the chest down, swing the arms down. Unfold and give him his gun.

Height: 13.5cm Width: 13.5cm

   A red and green robot, Rapido has a silver head with a green face and red eyes - this head has been resculpted to match that of the original Rapido. His upper arms, thighs and the cannons over his shoulders are green while the tips of the cannons are painted the same silver as his head. The forearms are grey and there's black on his chest (the front bumper), groin and feet. The gun is composed of the same grey plastic as his forearms. This colour scheme is largely the same as his G1 toy, superimposed on this Universe 2.0 fairly well - helped by the chest being the front of the car in both cases. The silver Autobot logo is now central on his chest.

   This mould, despite being designed for Bluestreak/Prowl, works well enough for Rapido - although the new head helps, of course. The wings & shoulder cannons are new for this character, but they give him some nice features and of course a G1 feel for this G2 character (along with the windows on his shins). I'm glad that this mould gives Rapido a good view - unlike the head-sunken-below-chest of the original. The integrated shoulder cannons are a great feature of the mould, and the gun, while it's not the silver engine of the original, works well. The sides of the torso are hollow, since the fenders fold back behind his doors, but it's not something we really nice on a toy with such strong colours.

   The play value here is fairly formulaic, but by no means poor. His head and waist turn while his shoulders swing and lift out to the sides. His elbows bend and there are rotators above the elbows, as well as in his wrists. His hips are ball jointed while his knees are hinged with rotators. There are an extra set of hinges - part of the transformation - below the knees which can help with poseability. The ankles are hinged, while the feet can wiggle from side to side. Rapido has very useful heelspurs which fold forward, anchoring poses very well.

   While the gaps on the sides of his torso are a minor flaw, this is a very good robot mode. The tribute works very well - it's instantly recognisable as Rapido, although I suppose the distinct & very strong colours help there. His integrated shoulder cannons are a great feature & Rapido looks good with wings & a detailed face. Rapido is very poseable, especially when you consider that he has only two ball joints. This is his better mode, and that's not a knock on the car mode.


   A repaint of Streak as mentioned, a retool of Universe 2.0 Prowl, and Rapido also shares the mould with Smokescreen & BotCon Streetstar.


   A great repaint of a good mould, and one that turns a forgettable toy character into a really nice one. The strong G2 colours translate to this mould quite well, even if they are garish in that G2 way. The mould has excellent poseability, great weapons and two good modes. As with most exclusive toys, it's down to how much you want to pay the premium prices they fetch, but this is a good exclusive, especially for those with a fondness for the G2 era - 9/10.

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