BotCon (Animated) Motormaster Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: The Motor Master (for legal reasons)
Series: Convention Exclusives
Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Stunticon Leader
Alternate Mode: Truck

Height: 7.5cm Length: 14.5cm Width: 7.5cm

   A black, purple and lilac truck cab, Motormaster is a repaint of Animated Prime. The cabin itself is black with purple windows while the bumper and underside are purple. The hitch is replaced by a lilac tow truck assembly of sorts. There are purple stripes (a G1 tribute) & Decepticon logos on either side of this assembly and on the left side of the cabin there's a Decepticon logo over a purple and silver circle (something found on the other Animated Stunticons). The headlights are running lights are painted a bright shade of yellow while his grille is painted silver, rounding out a well thought out colour scheme.

   I'm not really a fan of this confused tow truck look - the towing arm is replaced by a water cannon. The transparent purple strobes on top would suggest he's an emergency vehicle. The back is a bit of a mess, actually, with the feet clearly visible, sticking up at the back along with that cannon that doesn't seem to have any purpose. If anything, he's close to a fire truck, but isn't really shaped like one. I'm not a fan of the design theme here, which has angles and lines in all directions - but that's the way Animated does things. Unlike the G1 character, there's no trailer in sight here.

   There's not a whole lot of play value here, and surprisingly for a voyager, there's no electronic gimmick in the mould. Then again, it would have been stripped out for this release. The gun is actually a water squirter, although it doesn't really look like a water cannon. It can be rotated to fire forward, but he'll just drench his windshield. The method of firing is less than ideal - you push the tip of the squirter in, meaning you have to pull back on the notch on top. Not good if you have larger, adult, fingers. The four wheels roll, and Motormaster rolls very well.

   A slighty underwhelming truck mode, since there's a bunch of... stuff... on the back, feet which are too visible and not enough wheels. It's a good repaint, which captures the spirit of the original Stunticon well while translating the concept to fit Animated well.


   Detach the gun and then its base, which unfolds to become an axe. Fold away the rear wheels, split the bumper and fold the front wheels back where the rear ones were. Split and extend the rear to form boots, flip up his feet, fold down the legs and rotate the waist. Flip up the stroberack, lift out and rotate the head. Pull the arms out from the sides, fold out his fists and place the weapons in either hand.

Height: 18.5cm Width: 11cm

   Again a mix of black, purple and lilac. This time his upper body is black and his groin & legs are purple, while the lilac is how on his forearms, hands and head. The lilac approximates the grey of the G1 toy, and it's now obviously meant to represent that colour - the head is a block similar to Motormaster's head in the G1 cartoon. This head is new to this retool, and this repaint really wouldn't have been anywhere as good without the distinct Optimus Prime head being redone. The yellow lights are visible on his chest, along with the silver grille and the purple windows. That circle-mounted Decepticon logo is now on his left shoulder, topping off a good paint job and a good colour scheme.

   As with all Animated toys, Motormaster has a very stylised shape, with a narrow waist and groin, small thighs and large, spread, tapering, boots. The chest slopes slopes down to a point at his sternum. These proportions are better than on many Animated toys, although I don't like the build of his legs, which force Motormaster to lean forward. The chin is big, as you'd expect, and his face is simple with a distinct scowl.

   The axe is... crap. It's a large lilac kibbly thing, which looks unwieldy. And is far too big for this robot. The gun is short and stubbly, but looks much better in hand than the axe. Motormaster's articulation is quite good, although that lean limits the effectively poseability. His head turns, the shoulders rotate and lift out to the sides. His elbows are hinged with rotators while the wrists are fixed. His waist turns - actually it spins, with no ratchetting or notches to keep it steady. The hips swing and lift out to the sides while the knees are hinged, but only bend to about 45. They actually bend as far forward, which is completely useless on a toy that already leans forward. The knees rotate, the feet are fixed and have good heelspurs.

   A good robot mode despite the odd proportions. The colours work well and the head is really well done, capturing the character concept perfectly. He's well painted and the colour map works well. The poseability is good even if the weaponry is very limited and the knees not quite as they should be. A well executed retool/repaint.


   As mentioned he is a repaint of Animated Optimus Prime. Being a limited exclusive, Motormaster was likely produced in a single production run, making variants unlikely.


   A well thought out repaint of a decent yet flawed Animated toy. The axe weapon still sucks and the odd bodyshape still bothers me, but the paint job is first class here as is the resculpted head. The truck mode has a lot of junk on the back, and doesn't quite know what sort of truck it wants to be. The weapons are uninspiring so overall play value is mediocre. The flagship of the Animated Stunticon set, but he uses the weakest mould. As much as I like how they've done this retool, I could only recommend it as part of the set - and given the considerable expense of the set I'd only endorse the purchase if you have the means/opportunity - 6.5/10

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