Bomb-Burst Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Bomb-Burst
Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Predator
Alternate Mode: Hover Jet

Height: 4cm Length: 9cm Width: 12cm

   A blue hovercraft-plane hybrid with some grey highlights and a red canopy. Bomb-Burst's colours are fairly good even if his official description isn't. This is more of a hovercraft than a jet - the wings are small and the tail even smaller - he might glide above the ground but it's getting fully airborne. There are twin fans between the canopy and the tail, which resemble VTOL fans and are the reason this vehicle is labelled a jet.

   While the overall look of this jet is kinda nifty, it's somewhat disjointed. The wingtips are the robot's guns, the cannons themselves plug into grey wingbases that are quite obvious the robot arms, The tail is a small, fold out affair and there's no undercarriage to speak of (although with VTOL capabilities, this can work). I'm not sure where the bombs are that his name refers to, either.

   There's no play value here, not that I would expect any. The overall effect works, even if closer inspection shows up flaws, so I don't mind this hovercraft at all. The wings and fans ensure that Bomb-Burst is a believable hover-jet, the fans pretty much anchor him as a hovering vehicle on their own. The colours are good, which brings everything together.


   Fold away the tail, rotate the cannons back, unfold the legs from underneath, straighten them and flip up the feet. Pose the arms and you're done. The transformation is simple yet effective.

Height: 12.5cm Width: 6cm (12cm with guns)

   Again blue and grey, Bomb-Burst has a blue torso and head, blue thighs, feet and guns while the lower legs and arms are grey. His face is painted red, the shoulder struts are purple (the only purple plastic on the toy, for some reason) and there are various plastic stickers on this mode adding some more colour, including a Decepticon logo. the colour scheme is coherent with just enough colour added to keep it interesting, without running the risk of things getting messy.

   The red paint on his face is a nice touch, and there are well defined lips and moulded thumbs. The guns look good on his arms, even if they're far longer than the arms themselves. There are no obvious alt mode aspects other than the wingtips on his guns, which is a little bit of a shame, but the robot shape is good.

   The play value's a mixed bad. The head turns, shoulders rotate and can swing inwards while the hips swing. Bomb-Burst has small footprints, which limits the usefulness of his hip joints, but the shoulders allow him to aim the twin cannons. The neck has no need to to rotate - it's purely for poseability which is nice to see. Bomb-Burst's hands lack holes, so the guns are stuck on the outsides of his arms, but I don't mind since they look good there.

   A decent robot mode despite it's flaws. I can live without alt mode facets and fistholes, but the small feet are a setback here. Still, the blue and grey make this an attractive robot mode, especially next to some of the Decepticon Pretenders from 1988 that mix purple with other bright colours.

The Pretender Shell

   A light grey shell with extensive grey armour, including detachable shoulderplates composed of soft plastic. There's a dark red six pack on his chest, some dark purple on the arms and blue inside his ears. The head has a distinct bat theme, with the distinctive large pointy ears, mammalian nose and moulded open mouth with pointy teeth. The eyes are yellow and there's moulded fur here and there. There are batwings on the shoulderpads and his hands have open claws with pointy, well moulded, fingers.

   The tech spec paints a picture of a vampire-like Decepticon, and the rapid bat face really fits into that picture, while the sharp digits and shortish sickle weapon really add to the deathly feel. Along with the grey sickle, the handguns can clip together (one forward, one back) as a compound gun for this shell. I find the whole vampire theme a little unattractive, but it succeeds with what it's trying to do, which is a plus.


   None that I know of. His Japanese name is Blood (and mine is actually a Japanese toy, for what it's worth).


   Two decent modes that manage to overcome their shortcomings, good colours and a shell that conveys the character well make Bomb-Burst one of the better Pretenders from 1988. The small feet in robot mode and somewhat strange stated vehicle mode hold him back a little but if you're a Pretender fan then he's worthwhile - 6/10

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