Beast Machines Snarl Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Snarl
Series: Beast Machines
Allegiance: Maximal
Function: Strategic Specialist
Alternate Mode: Lion

Height: 9cm Length: 16cm Width: 7cm

   A gold, orange, transparent blue and silver technorganic lion. Basically he's a gold quadruped with an orange mane and some transparent blue bits on his legs and ribcage. The silver is painted on his legs and the top of his mane. The gold is almost a brass colour, and doesn’t go well with the orange at all.

   His eyes are green, his face is gold and sticks out from within the mane, It can wiggle around a bit, and has a lower jaw (which doesn't move). He has teeth which are painted silver. The tail is attached by a ball joint on top of his back, rather than sticking out to the back, and it rather unnatural. If you slide a panel up on his left hindleg hip, a green spark crystal is exposed.

   As I said, I'm not a big fan of this colour scheme. I don't think he really pulls off a lion too well, the mane is the only thing that _really_ looks lion-like. It's not all bad news, though. This is a very poseable beast mode. All four hips are ball joints, all four knees are hinged, although the front right one has a spring for a robot mode gimmick, negating it's poseability. The front ankles are hinged and the rear ones on ball joints. He also has a ball joint at the waist and the one already mentioned at the base of the tail.

   The colours are terrible, and he doesn't really resemble a lion that much, but this is one very poseable quadruped.


   Straighten out the hind legs and stand him up. Detach the tail, bring his arms down to his sides. Rotate the wrists and open the cuffs to reveal his hands. Open the mane, open the chest and pull it forward. Stow the lion head inside the chest, close the chest. Stow the mane halves behind his back and the crest of the mane clips onto the top of his head.

Height: 15cm Width: 7cm

   Still largely gold, with more splashes of transparent blue and more orange. His face, neck and hands are orange, his feet are blue and there are numerous blue other accents all over this mode. The silver almost an afterthought in this mode - on top of his head and a small patch on his chest. While I'm still not much of a fan of these colours, the blue helps to dampen the orange somewhat - it looks better than the beast mode.

   This mode has a very distinct hunchback. The mane sits over the face like a hood, in essence he has a big head. His shoulders sit alongside his face, which protrudes forward slightly. His arms and legs are very tubular, his legs attach to the sides of his groin and look a little strange.

   There's a lot of play value in this mode. The shoulder arm has an orange dial - roll it upwards and the forearm raises. The left has a button that fires the forearm out about a centimetre. To be honest, neither are that exciting, but they do what they're meant to do. The big feature is his poseability. He's got ball joints in his shoulders, ankles and hips, and hinges in his knees, elbows and wrists. His face is also on a ball joint, but of course you have to detach it from the rest of the head to move it around so that's a bit pointless. You can also attach his tail to his right hand to form a machete like weapon.

   A better mode than his beast mode, although I have to say it really looks organic, not robotic at all. The play value is there but this is a rather ugly robot mode.


   None as such, although he has recently been recoloured in the "Universe" line of repaints.


   While he's a good action figure, with lots of play value, I'm not sold on Snarl as a Transformer. The beast mode isn't much of a disguise and the robot mode is very organic. An ugly toy, the orange was a bad choice. There's good points here, but the bad points keep me from getting excited about this toy - 5/10

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