Beast Machines Mirage Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Mirage
Series: Beast Machines
Allegiance: Vehicon
Function: Warrior
Alternate Mode: Cybertronian Racing Car

Height: 7cm Length: 15cm Width: 6cm

   A dark pine green Cybertronian racing car, Mirage resembles an F-1 vehicle, with more than a touch of inspiration from the Batmobile. He has a yellow rear spoiler, yellow striped skirting over the rear wheels and some grey painted details in various locations. There are long twin transparent blue exhausts which come out of the engine and stick out behind the spoiler by about 3cm. These colours work quite well - the dark green and yellow compliment each other pretty well.

   Mirage has a black laser with silver barrel in what would be his cockpit - I suppose he might as well have one there since he won't need a driver. The tyres are black plastic and the front ones have silver hubcaps painted onto them. The rear tyres and almost completely concealed, in fact you can only see them if you turn him upside down. If you do so, you might notice his orange spark crystal. It's not actually visible in robot mode, and so underneath the car mode is the only place Mirage declares himself a Vehicon.

   There are a lot of little details in this mould that make it a good one. The inverted airdam, missiles moulded on the tips of the rear spoiler, air vents on top of the engine block, the exhausts emanating from the engine block and slight metallic sheen of the green plastic are all positives. Beast Machines toys are known for the attention to detail, and Mirage's vehicle mode is no exception.

   Probably the only real issue I have with this mode is that Mirage doesn't do much other than roll along. Granted, I don't expect a poseable vehicle, but it's a little static. The exhaust pipes are actually missiles, but they don't really fire properly in this mode, and doing so reveals his face anyway.

   Despite the lack of play value, it's a good car mode. The attention to detail is impressive, the mould is great and it just _looks_ cool. It's actually fairly big for a basic-sized vehicle mode, too.


   Complex for a basic, but it does give you a very poseable Mirage in the end. Fold back the spoiler, swing the rear fenders out to become the legs. There's a triple-jointed beam that his head is attached to, the waist rotates against it, while the arms slipt out to the sides, the head folds up onto his chest, the front of the car becomes his back and the legs rotate. The rear wheel covers flip down to become his feet, almost like platform shoes. The laser flips up over his head, although you can also detach it and use it as a handgun.

Height: 12cm Width: 11cm

   Again mainly pine green with yellow, although now the dark transparent blue is more prominent. His chest, forearms and shoulderblades are blue, the upper arms, groin and thighs are yellow while his lower legs and head are green. Most of the chest is actually painted grey, along with much of his face. Interestingly, his eyes are blue, and are part of a blue piece of plastic inside. The world's worst lightpiping award goes to Mirage. The colours work well overall, although the transparent blue shoulderblades look a little weird.

   Armed to the teeth and wearing clogs, Mirage is ready to take on the Maximals of Holland! Those missile launchers on his spoiler now sit on the outsides of his arms, and outside these are the yellow moulded missiles. Additionally, there's the black and silver laser, either on his head or in his hand. The missiles fire better now - they don't brush past stuff while firing. The front of the missiles are curved, which is a little odd, and a result of them being the exhausts.

   As you'd expect from a Beast Machines toy, Mirage has great poseability. His neck, shoulders, elbows, hips and knees are ball joints while his ankles and waist rotate and the head-laser can point upwards. It's amazing that this toy is s static as a car, yet has thirteen points of articulation as a robot. It goes without saying that he's very poseable, but I should mention that the knees are about 4/5 of the way up his legs - and he has very short thighs. While it looks fine, it does limit the leg poseability a little.

   The small thighs don't bother me, but there's a gap between his head and torso, which is yellow between grey and blue - it doesn't quite look right. He has a very slender torso, although the wide shoulderblades pretty much negate this - and on his upper arms he has moulded triple-exhausts, which look really cool, and really sell this robot mode for me.

   A good robot mode, Mirage does have minor flaws, but the only one that really troubles me is the gap on his neck. The articulation, overall look and weaponry easily outweigh his negatives. A very good basic sized robot mode.


   None as such, although he was repainted (unimaginatively) as Mirage GT (a different character).


   Attention to detail and great poseability are the strongest points of most Beast Machines toys, and Mirage is no exception. Both modes also look good - something a lot of Maximals failed with - and Mirage has great engineering for a basic. Recommended if you like articulated Transformers, despite not being in the Beast Machines cartoon 8/10

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