Blot Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Blot
Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Foot Soldier
Alternate Mode: Some sort of ape monster

Height: 8cm Length: 5cm Width: 7.5cm

   Blot's animal mode is navy blue and lilac (light purple). The lower arms, shoulders and legs are lilac, the rest being navy blue. He has some silver stickers on his chest, with red & yellow details, but otherwise he's basically blue. The eyes are blue I suppose, because it's hard to really say where they are. I guess they're just really small. If your toy is of the 1987 issue, he'll have a rubsign on top of his head. If it's 1988 vintage, the rubsign - and it's indent - will be missing.

   I say he's some sort of ape monster, because he's apparently meant to be a gorilla. He doesn't look like _anything_, though he's clearly bipedal. The fact that his head is at the front of his chest rather than above it would suggest gorilla more than any other great ape.. and he's way too stocky to be a monkey or a gibbon. He has _very_ wide shoulders, and the shoulders, which are level with the top of the head, are flat right across. The lower torso is much narrower than the upper half, which isn't really surprising when you consider he looks like a Chinese swimmer with shoulderpads.

   The legs are small and the knees fixed, although the hips can rotate so he can bend down or look up. The head can tip up or look down, although without clear facial features it looks pretty much the same in any position. The shoulders and elbows also rotate, so the arms can be fashioned in a wide variety of poses. The forearms, which are quite big, end in three-clawed hands, which actually look pretty decent. He could probably grab wires or similar things, although I doubt he could hang off them. Lastly, he has a purple backpack in this mode. It's just an add-on piece, and it's more there to hide his robot face on his back than do anything all that useful, although there's nothing wrong with it as such. Even without it, he still looks OK. This mode isn't bad, although it's not especially good, either.


   First extend the lower torso, then fold up the robot head, folding it all the way up should also swing down the ape head to become the chestplate. Swing the arms onto his back, swing the legs up to the sides and them position his lower robot arms and give him his handgun if you feel inclined to do so.

Height: 8cm Width: 5cm

   Again Blot's mainly navy blue, with lilac thighs, forearms & head. He's got lilac animal legs hanging off his shins. Those silver stickers are still there, combining with silver eyes and the rubsign (on 1987 models) to provide some colour. Since the forearms, thighs & head are all small, this thing is basically a navy blue, and it's very dark as a result.

   Remember that huge torso from the ape mode? It's still there - although it's a bit narrower since the ape shoulders have folded back behind his back. Problem now is he has a very small head (think square peg), and forearms without any upper arms. His arms are very blocky, in fact they're brick shaped with slightly wider fists and holes for the handgun. And of course they attach halfway down his chest, which is why I described them as forearms. While the animal mode is fairly poseable, this mode has rams that go from by his sides to straight forward and nothing else.


   The 1987 release had a rubsign & indent. The 1988 release didn't have either.


   I'm pretty neutral on Blot. He's got a weak robot mode and a decent though somewhat ill-defined monster mode. His colours aren't bad, although the dark blue hides what details he has on his moulding. While I don't hate him, I certainly think he's the worst of the Terrorcons, and I just can't get excited about him. As a stand alone toy, I'd skip it, but of course, as with a lot of Gestalt components, he's worth getting simply to form Abominus (assuming you want the Gestalt). I give Blot an uninspired 3/10

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