Blitzwing Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Blitzwing
Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Ground and Air Commando
Alternate Mode: Tank / MIG Fighter Jet

Height: 5cm Length: 13cm Width: 10.5cm

   Blitzwing's jet mode is predominantly purple, with a silver nose & cockpit, some die-cast grey parts on the wings and silver tailfins. It's also quite chunky, since the wings form the sides of a tank - they're way too thick for wings. There are beige wheels visible on top of his wings which are for tank mode, also. On the back you can see some beige tank treads, but there's also purple tailwings and twin jets.

   On his underside Blitzwing has clearly got tank parts showing (including the turret which doubles as rear wheels), but he's got a die-cast metal front wheel. It's a shame the wheel and it's strut are the one piece, so the wheel doesn't roll. He has missile launchers built into his wings, like most Diaclone toys they don't fire far, if at all. Still, the missiles can be loaded and then stored in tank mode when the wings are folded up so you wont lose them.

   Whilst not a masterpiece, Blitzwing's plane mode isn't awful. For a design that's over 20 years old, it's a fairly good effort.


   Fold up the front wheel, fold the nose under the plane. Fold the metal tailfins forward. Swivel the purple wingtips forward, then fold in the tailwings. Turn the toy over, swivel the turret around and push it back to slide the cannon out. I actually get the feeling the designer intended the end with the jets underneath to be the front, but I've always this portrayed as the rear in Transformers. I guess you can not swivel the turret around and use this as the front if you prefer - it does look better.

Height: 3cm Length: 10cm Width: 5cm

   The tank mode is essentially beige, with grey and purple elements. The designer of this toy has done quite well to change the colour of the toy between the two vehicles, actually. The treads, which are painted onto the sides, are grey. There's also some grey panels at the rear, which are die-cast. The purple outbreaks are at the front, and include a rather visible plane nose. It's worth noting that the show actually retained this feature (on the front), which I suppose helps the appeal of thie toy, since it _really_ does look like the cartoon Blitzwing. Skids-derived throne sold separately, however (c8

   Whilst the nose on the front is a flaw that's hard to miss, it's not unforgivable. The toy has small wheels on the underside and can roll, and the turret swivels 360 degrees. When pointing to the side it can actually come off, although it's easily reattached. There's two protrusions on the back which remind me of headlights, I suspect they're meant to be front-mounted floodlights.

   A large Decepticon symbol sits on top of the turret near the cannon, and his rubsign is on the back of this same surface.

   One obvious flaw, but a pretty good tank considering there's a purple jet underneath.


   Slide the turret forward which will lock it into place. Fold out the wingtips and swivel the wings forward 180 degrees. Lift the robot up, slide down the legs and fold out the tainfins to form the feet. Lift out the arms and extend the forearms. Stand him up (if you can).

Height: 12cm Width: 10cm

   Blitzwing's robot mode is, unsurprisingly, a mix of purple and beige. He's got beige shoulders & upper arms, purple forearms, a purple torso and lower legs. His feet, which are the tailfins, are die cast silver, his thighs are really skinny grey affairs, the waist is the same grey. His head is painted yellow, with red eyes and a purple mouth. It's actually a pretty good colour scheme considering the bright colours on his head, and it's one that was transplanted to the show, so he looks very show accurate.

   He has both a gun and a sword for this mode, both are purple but neither are overly impressive, The missiles can be mounted in the launchers, but point straight down so are really only there for show if at all.

   Blitzwing's real flaws come to the fore in robot mode. His arms, which fold out from the wings, look like they're sticking out of the main body. Whilst it's not horrible, it's not fantastic, and it means he can't stand at attention - his arms are always slightly forward. His feet are on the sides of his legs. It doesn't look so bad, the biggest problem is that he's hard to stand since they tend to give (they're on swivel joints, mounted onto the sides of the legs). The other problem he has is really skinny thighs. They don't hurt play value, but look a little odd.

   Show accurate and with nice colours, but it's a robot mode that has it's flaws. Doesn't really look like he was formed from a tank since the turret is on his back and the treads hidden, but the jet elements are clearly visible. Aside from the fin-feet, the wings form a sort of cape. Which does look nice.


   The 2005 Collectors Series reissue is remarkably similar to the original version. The pegs that hold his wingtips in place are flat on the reissue but rounded on the original. The reissue does not have a rubsign applied and the turret no longer detaches. A limited repaint, Overcharge, done in Blitzwing's Diaclone colours, was released in Japan in limited numbers in 2005.


   Considering it's age, this is a pretty clever design. Blitzwing is a mix of both good and bad, but for me comes out on the good side simply because the whole Triple Changer thing has always had a magic to it. There are better Triple Changers (ie Astrotrain), but there are also worse (ie Broadside) - 6.5/10

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