Big Powered Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Big Powered
Series: Japanese Generation 1
Allegiance: Cybertron
Alternate Mode: Space Cruiser

Thanks to heroic decepticon for loaning me Big Powered for this review

Height: 19.5cm Length: 47cm Width: 29.5cm

   A white, black, blue, orange and red compound ship, Big Powered is a fusion of Sonic Bomber.'s black ship mode (front), Dai Atlas's white and blue ship mode and Road Fire, folded into a sort of red tail. The colour schemes of all three mesh well here. The white wings are those of Dai Atlas, although they clip into Road Fire, at the back of this ship. There are large red Autobot logo stickers on the wings.

   An impressive ship, and while this is partly due to the sheer size of this beast, the compound nature of this ship makes it work - it has a "self contained city" look about it - similar to the Star Destroyers from Star Wars. There are a few gimmicks available here, you can access the battery operated treads of Dai Atlas and you can open his cockpit. It's a little unstable, with the front (Sonic Bomber) and wings popping off fairly easily.

   If you have only two of the three, you can always attach Road Fire to the back of Dai Atlas or Sonic Bomber to the front - as in the pictures above, but the combined mode using all three is most impressive. All three can combined in base modes, although most of this base mode is Dai Atlas.


   None that I'm aware of. The components were sold separately or in a giftset.


   Impressive largely because of its size, Big Powered has a good colour scheme and plenty of majesty, although it's not really iconic, coming from one of the most obscure of Transformers series (Zone). One of the components (Road Fire) is awful, one decent (Dai Atlas) and one quite good (Sonic Bomber), so I don't know that picking up all three for this mode would be rewarding - especially given the likely cost of these three rare toys. While it does make a nice display piece, this really is one for the completists - 5/10

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