Beast Hunters Huffer< Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Huffer
Series: Beast Hunters
Allegiance: Autobot
Alternate Mode: 4x4 Truck

Height: 4cm Length: 10cm Width: 4cm

   An orange4x4 truck with black windows & painted gunmetal details on the front (cowcatcher, hood-mounted guns) along with indigo stripes running along the sides. He's an extensive retooling of Prime Commander Ironhide, with the cowcatcher, guns and silver fins on the roof being the most prominent of many sculpted details that are new here. He has black tyres & a largely black tray (with some indigo). It's a simple colour scheme which works well for a Huffer toy (even if this isn't representing G1 Huffer.

   This is a 4 seater cab truck, so it's on the bigger side of a 4x4 truck - not that this conveys so much at Commander size. He has a far more rugged look than Ironhide thanks to the guns & various sculpted details such as rivets. There's no Autobot logo here and the tray bed is a mess of kibble (it's the underside of his feet). The truck mode doesn't really evoke G1 Huffer in style but fits into the general feel of Beast Hunters.

   His play value is centred on a massive indigo missile launcher can plug into a hole on his hood or (less effectively) holes on either door. It's a pressure-type, so pushing at the rear sends the single missile out with moderate power. The guns on his hood don't do anything & the wheels of course roll. I actually prefer the look of this truck mode without the missile launcher, but of course that robs Huffer of his play value.

   A nice little truck for the most part. The Beast Hunter resculpts aren't as distracting as on some other moulds & the colours work well for a toy called Huffer. The missile launcher isn't really anything special & kinda detracts from the look for me.


   Detach & set aside the gun (if attached). Pull up and split the rear to form his legs. Flip up the guns, unlocking the doors which pull out & forward to form his arms (and reveal the head under his hood). Rotate the body just below his head, swing the shoulders down into place (the arms should pretty much line up into a natural position). Fold the guns down as shoulder cannons. Open the tailgate to form his ankles & fold down the feet. Fold in the side windows, attach missile launcher, if necessary.

Height: 9.5cm Width: 9cm

   An orange & black robot with the windshield now on his chest, Huffer has a silver face with bug-eyed baby blue eyes. There's extensive silver paint on his arms while his head and kneecaps are indigo with some gunmetal on his legs. While there's a lot of colour here, orange dominates & the indigo takes a back seat, so while the head sculpt mimics G1, there's not a strong tribute in this mode. Nonetheless, the colour scheme works aesthetically. There's a tiny red Autobot logo stamped on his chest.

   The head has a G1 Huffer shape but the bug eyes don't really work for the tribute - and don't work that well visually either. The shoulders are big & bulky, with the cowcatcher halves hanging off them giving him more bulk than Ironhide. The guns over shoulders add an interest element Ironhide lacked & give Huffer less kibble.

   The missile launcher is again the basis of Huffer's play value - plugging into either hand or on the outside of the forearms (the door holes). Huffer is more poseable that most Transformers larger than he is. The head & waist are fixed but his shoulders, elbows and hips are ball jointed while the knees are hinged. His ankles actually feature two hinges each, and both are tight enough to offer some real poseability. Sure they're both for transformation but they really enhance Huffer's play value. The shoulder hinges are covered by the shoulder cannons but it's easy enough to lift/lower them so it doesn't reduce his poseability.

   A good robot mode aside from the eyes which fall flat. The idea was good, it just didn't come off. He has good colours and a decent G1 tribute and the missile launcher is useful now. The shoulder cannons are the highlight of the resculpt.


   None that I'm aware of. He is a repaint of Beast Hunters Trailcutter and a retool of Ironhide, as mentioned.


   A good Commander toy that does a good job of looking powerful. The colours work well & there's a G1 tribute here (if not a strong one). The guns on his shoulders make for a nice addition to the mould compared to Ironhide, although he lacks the clever weaponry of that toy. I'd recommend Ironhide first simply because of the weaponry, but this is a good toy for the price - 8/10

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