Beast Hunters Bulkhead Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Bulkhead
Series: Prime Beast Hunters
Allegiance: Autobot
Alternate Mode: Armoured Truck

Height: 6cm Length: 14cm Width: 7cm

   A green, orange and metallic brown armoured truck with blue windows, big black tyres & some silver painted aspects. His front window is transparent blue while the side windows are painted a mid blue. The headlights are yellow with red indicators. There front fenders & hood are composed of an orange plastic with a distinct black swirl through it while the rear fenders are painted a distinctly brighter shade of orange. There are also two distinct greens here; the rear end is a slightly brighter green than his doors. There's a distinct G1 Roadbuster feel to this colour scheme. While I appreciate the G1 homage, the mismatched colours - particularly the orange - makes this colour scheme rather clumsy even though the three main colours should work well together.

   There's a fair level of detailing here but much of the sculpted detail is fairly generic. The most distinctive elements are two silverspines at the front & rugged ridges in various locations. His tyres are also ridged for an off-road look. The robot hands are rather visible underneath the doors from either side.

   The play value centres on his circular saw weapon which has a viper-head like motif (apparently it's a rhino's head) & can clip onto holes on either door or the roof. It's largely metallic brown with a transparent blue serrated spinning blade (which spins thanks to a plunger on one side). The wheels also turn, although he's less useful that most wheels Transformers in that the front wheels can collapse (there's hinges for transformation that fold inwards).

   A vehicle mode that's got potential but is held back by some annoyingly basic problems. The colour mismatching should have been caught early in the design process. The wheels collapsing is one that I suspect only becomes apparent if you're playing with the toy so I'll give the designer more latitude, but it's still annoying that something so straightforward on 99% of Transformers is problematic. The weapon works well and I do like the use of Roadbuster's colours, so it's by no means a failure, but this is a vehicle mode that should have been better.


   Detach & set aside the weapon. Lift up the doors, gull-wing style. Fold out the rear as boots, split the boots & fold down his feet. Lift up the groinplate, pull his arms out to the sides, unclip & fold down the torso, clip into place. Pull the front fenders out & fold the hood down over his head & shoulders, pivot his arms into place, swing out his fists & attach the weapon. There's some torso fidgeting involved but otherwise it's a fairly straightforward transformation, even if the hood forming a sort of cape is unusual. The front wheels will pretty much automatically collapse into his torso as he transforms (which is why they can be troublesome in vehicle mode).

Height: 13.5cm Width: 13cm

   A rather stocky green robot with orange thighs & cape, Bulkhead has metallic brown hands, a metallic brown head & waist. There are some paints silver details including his face & for some reason he has flat grey feet. The red & yellow lights are on his waist how & he has a transparent blue eyestrip with a rather useless light pipe (which I'll come back to). The colour scheme is less Roadbuster now but it's also less unified, with too much going on for it to really hum.

   As seems to be the case with toys of this name, Bulkhead is a stocky fellow with no real waist. He has chunky boots and a rounded, simple, head. The "cape" is more of a series of panels hovering above his head & shoulders - like a kid holding a blanket over their head. The lightpipe relies on light coming into the top of his head, which is covered by this cape & this is the reason it's so useless. He stands in a rather relaxed pose, with angled feet & arms are are designed so his elbows stick out to the sides.

   Poseability here is pretty good. The head is on a ball joint although this is somewhat limited as it's under the cape. The shoulders & hips are also ball jointed while his elbows hinge inwards & have rotators while the knees are also hinged with rotators. Bulkhead's waist is fist as are his feet, although with big boots he's well anchored & stable. The saw weapon adds some play value & he can hold it in either hand or clip it on the outside of either forearm - and it looks good on the forearms.

   A nice robot mode even if the colour scheme is a little muddled in the lightpipe is risible. He displays well despite the colours thanks to good yet bulky proportions, a visually interesting weapon (which works very well on his arm) and a rather interesting cape feature. His play value isn't anything special but works well enough.


   None that I'm aware of.


   A decent Transformer but one that should have been better. The robot mode's colours are a little busy & the vehicle mode's don't match themselves when they really should. Both modes are well designed for the most part, and while the flaw he does have aren't awful, there's a cumulative effect here. The pointless lightpipe, badly designed front wheels & those colour issues combine to hold Bulkhead back. It's a shame because the green, brown & orange combination should be awesome. I still quite like Bulkhead, but he's not as compelling as he should be - 7/10

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