Battle Gaia Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Battle Gaia
Series: Japanese Generation 1
Allegiance: Destron
Alternate Mode: N/A - Gestalt comprising Great Cannon, Leyland, Sandstorm, Shuttle Gunner & Target Hawk.

Thanks to tha phantom for loaning me Battle Gaia for this review

Height: 25cm Width: 16cm

   A blue, beige, cream, green and red gestalt with black add on pieces. He's a repaint of Bruticus but with a far more diverse set of colours. He certainly carries a different look - this isn't a military theme anymore. The mix of Sandstorm's beige and Shuttler Gunner's cream is... interesting. The other notable thing is the chestplate has a total of 9 stickers - which is a LOT.

   Interestingly, the combiner pieces are essentially identical to those of G2 Bruticus (chest stickers aside). He's sold with the idea of mixing the limbs around for different abilities - it's on the box. Shuttle Gunner, Sandstorm and Target Hawk can all give him arm-mounted weapons. I prefer Sandstorm as an arm, for the fact that Battle Gaia gets a big swivelling cannon.

   None of the components fail as limbs, which is great. Thanks to the big mighty chestplate and twin cannon's on his back, Great Cannon makes a good main body as well. The only drawback is that Great Cannon's arms point back - if those shoulder joints get loose his arms fall forward and push the chestplate off. They also have a habit of moving when you position his arms unless you make a point of keeping them still. His poseability includes the shoulder and the head, which turns right around.


   None. Battle Gaia was only available as a giftset.


   A nice repaint of Bruticus with some genuine differences in colours, theme and stickers. I personally really like what they did with Shuttle Gunner and Great Cannon. The swapping of limbs work well, which is a plus compared so some other Scramble City sets. And all his components are good toys.

   I cannot recommend Battle Gaia, despite him being a good repaint of Bruticus. It's just such a rare set that you'll expect to pay well over $US1000... if you can even FIND it. Frankly, the repaint isn't worth that sort of money - but if you can justify the price for an available Battle Gaia, then I'm comfortable in saying it's a worthwhile giftset - 8/10

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