Banzai-Tron Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Banzai-Tron
Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Martials Arts
Alt Mode: None

Height: 10cm Width: 4.5cm

   A grey robot with purple thighs and a lot of painted detail, Banzai-Tron is unlike most Actionmasters in that there's not really any hint of what his alt mode was. There's a lot of paint on this toy, including bright orange on his chest and the sides of his ankles and yellow around his waist. By far the most noticeable colour is green though - it's a lime green, not quite neon, thankfully, on his cheeks, knees, collar and forearms. Effectively, Banzai-Tron is grey and green, which would work better if not for the purple and orange. Rounding out the colour scheme is a fluorescent red mouthplate and yellow eyes.

   Banzai-Tron's lines suggest a Japanese inspiration, which makes sense since he's a martial artist. I'm not sure if traditional Japanese martial artists decked themselves out in lime green, but this one does. On the whole, his upper body has rounded lines while his legs are more or less angular. Thanks to the combination of a rounded chest and the orange areas on his chest, he's always reminded me of a Halloween pumpkin, although only vaguely.

   His gun is black, and while it doesn't match Banzai-Tron, the fact it's a dark colours works in it's favour. There's a bayonet underneath the barrel, which is a nice touch, although I'm not sure if it really fits in with the whole martial arts thing.

   I don't dislike Banzai-Tron's look, the mould is fine, but would have worked better without five bright colours - the grey really saves him from looking terrible. I get the feeling the designers were running out of ideas here, since there's no hint of an alt mode, they were just running with a martial arts theme and nothing else. For the most part, it works, although a suggested alt mode would have been cool.


   A black disc with two sets of fluorescent orange legs on either side and purple pincers, Razor-Sharp is a rather ugly crab, and one that doesn't really have a defined head. There are two large and two small holes on top, on either side. The large ones are purely decorative, the handgun can mount in the smaller holes.

   The gun mode is just as forgettable. The claws fold under, there's a purple switch on the back that releases the purple head (well, excuse for a head), rotating it around to form the barrel, onto which you attach the handgun. The leg sets detach and slip into the holes on top, and looks pretty stupid since they really stand out. They can stay on the sides if you really want, although it looks better without the bright orange on it at all. Normally easy to lose parts count as a negative, but these things are so bright (even compared to Banzai-Tron) that I'm not sure losing them is a bad thing. The resultant gun mode is very strained, it's a giant thing with a barrel that's too heavy for Banzai-Tron to hold up.


   None that I know of.


   Banzai-Tron is an interesting concept, and if you're going to have a Transformer martial artist, an Actionmaster is a good candidate. I'd like him more with a better colour scheme, as it is I like him, but not with any zeal. Razor-Sharp is a poor partner - even the name is forgettable - so I'd only really recommend Banzai-Tron if the martial arts thing appeals, or Actionmasters are your thing - 6/10 for Banzai-Tron, 1/10 for Razor-Sharp

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