Backstreet Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Backstreet
Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Lookout
Alternate Mode: Porsche Racer

Height: 2cm Length: 11cm Width: 4.5cm

   Backstreet's car mode is orange at the front, grey in the middle and orange at the back. He's also got chrome twin 'tailpipes' made from his guns. The cockpit is painted black, the headlights are stickers. The front wheels are black plastic, the back wheels are stickers, there's a single plastic wheel underneath the rear section.

   There's a little grey button on the back end, which pops up the two guns, which are _big_ compared to the size of this car and make him look very imposing - although they leave big holes in the back end of the car.

   Overall it's a nice car mode, but I can't help being disappointed by the lack of true rear wheels.


   Pull the front forward, font the feet up. Flip back the back of the car and position the arms. You're not obliged to flip the guns up, but if you don't he's rather back-heavy so I'd advise doing so.

Height: 10.5cm Width: 4.5cm

   Basically an orange and grey robot mode, Backstreet's got orange legs, grey arms, chest & a grey head. He has a red face, and a big grey backpack on his shoulders. If you have the guns out, he's got huge silver cannons on his shoulders.

   The feet are big, being the front of the car, and are stuck together. The only poseability is at the shoulders. He has no real groin to speak of, but the front window sits in it's place.

   It's a fairly good robot mode, considering how weak some of the Triggerbots & Triggercons are. The colour scheme works and the guns are a nice feature. My biggest gripe is that his face is entirely red, which is made even worse by the fact he has a faceplate.


   None that I know of.


   As Triggerbots go, he's fairly good. His guns work for him, unlike others, like Dogfight whose guns work against him. Still, there are other, better toys of this size. Lack of a couple of details (wheels, face) drag down a toy that could have been better, since he does look pretty good in both modes - 6.5/10

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