Generations/ROTF Axor Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Axor (Axer wasn't available)
Series: Generations (sold in generic, ROTF style packaging)
Allegiance: Decepticon
Alternate Mode: Sports Car

Height: 4.5cm Length: 15cm Width: 8cm

   A grey stock racing style of car with black plastic tyres and a buttload of navy blue spikes, including soft plastic spikes on his hubcaps. Axor is a retooling of ROTF Lockdown, designed tobe a revisiting of the Actionmaster Axer. The grey and blue are taken from the main colours of Axer, while the crimson on that toy translates to red on his rear window & some other locations. There's an olive-gold on his front bumper, which harks to the yellow bumper on Axer's chest. The windows are black along with the Decepticon logo stamped on the hood, behind this there's a metallic silver protruding engine block. The colours tribute the original toy well, although the grey is a little darker and reminds me of undercoat primer - it's a weird shade to use for a main colour.

   While the concept of this mould is inspired by Animated Lockdown, there's more detail here than on an Animated toy, and both he and Axer are bounty hunters, so this car works for that character (who never had an Alt mode previously). The spines give him a reckless bad-boy kinda feel while the larger rear wheels and engine block mean Axor looks like he's built to race. My favourite element of this car mode is the front end - there are metallic silver headlights behind clear plastic, which match those of the Actionmaster - making this a wonderful tribute and not just (yet) another ROTF repaint.

   Play value in this mode is minimal, but that's to be expected. The engine block can detach, but it leaves a gap. The wheels roll and the spines are soft so he can use dirty tricks racing another Transformer without damaging other toys.

   A great adaption of another character's design to revisit a G1 toy. In these colours, this alt mode really does look like a deliberate expansion of Axer's original concept, and the front end really nails that. The choice of grey is a little off, but that doesn't ruin the tribute by any means. A fun car mode, and one I prefer to Lockdown's (as a G1 fan).


   Detach and set aside the engine block. Lift up the rear, pull the sides out as arms. Fold the front down and right back as legs, revealing the head underneath his windshield. Pivot the roof over the top of his head and down to form Axor's chest. Lift up the head, split the front as boots, pull out and flip up his feet. Swing the right arm down, fold out the hand, swing the side panel behind his arm, wrap the taillight panel over his shoulder. Attach the engine block to the outside of his right forearm. Swing down the left arm, rotate the fender panel behind his shoulder, rotate the door on the outside of his forearm. Lastly, fold the axe attached to his forearm, on two hinges, into position.

Height: 19cm Width: 13cm

   A grey robot with navy blue thighs, knees, forearms and a navy blue head with a silver face and red eyes. The black windshield is on his waist while the black rear wheels are on his hips. The headlights and bumper form his feet, so there's some olive-gold on his toes as well as in various other connecting locations. The eyes are transparent red but there's only a weak lightpipe. There are red horns on his head which light up nicely if you've got a source of light around. The groin is painted metallic silver. Surprisingly, there's no Decepticon logo in this mode. The colour scheme works a little better here, since there's less grey (and the odd shade isn't as noticeable). Again the colours work well as Axer, and the colour mapping is fairly close to G1 (although far from a perfect match).

   This robot mode is very tall for a deluxe - Axor's as tall as your average voyager. He doesn't feet especially lanky, mind you, since he has wide enough shoulders and a fairly large head. The neck is also wide (and tapering), giving him a feeling of bulk. The arms are reasonably long (and they actually are lanky). The panels on his arms aren't in the way, although his arms pop off during transformation if you move them the wrong way at all. It's a good bodyshape overall, and I like the placement of car parts - the roof as a chest and headlights as toes are very G1.

   Play value here is good, although there are no real gimmicks. There's an automorph of sorts in his right arm - as the axe is lifted up a piston on his forearm compresses. In a related vein, as you rotate the lower legs, gold details within the thighs also turn. Axor has two (yes, two) ball joints in his neck, ball jointed shoulders, elbows & hips. His right wrist hinges inwards while that hand is open, and composed of soft plastic. The axe on his other hand can't move in any meaningful way, and is also composed of soft plastic. Axor's waist is fixed while his knees have two hinges and rotators and his feet are hinged with built in heelspurs, and quite useful ones. The poseability is pretty good in the end, but I wish there was some useful articulation in his left wrist, to give him a range of axe-wielding poses. If you have ROTF Rescue Ratchet, you can plug Ratchet's gun into his forearm where the engine sits. I suppose you can conceive the engine as a gun on its own.

   A good robot mode that displays well and works very well as Axor. The shade of grey isn't an issue here, and the resculpted head is reminiscent of Axer if not a perfect match. The bodyshape is good and the size is impressive. He displays quite well and has good poseability, but I wish he could do more with his axe. All told it's a nice robot mode, despite minor flaws.


   None that I'm aware of. As mentioned he's a retool of ROTF Lockdown.


   A good tribute to a fairly obscure G1 toy, to the point where it doesn't feel like Axor is using a mould intended for another toy. Okay, so those familiar with Lockdown will recognise the history of this mould, but with these colours and the headlight rack that ties him into the G1 toy, this is still a very clever tribute. Both modes work well, despite some flaws such as the odd shade of grey and limited use of his axe in robot mode. Recommended if you're a fan of Actionmasters & modern designs - 8/10

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