Armada Thrust Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Thrust
Series: Armada
Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Strategist
Alternate Mode: Jet Fighter

Height: 5.5cm Length: 16cm Width: 12cm

   A grey & black camoflaged jet fighter, Thrust is a ficticious design loosely based on prototype fighters. He's got sea foam green highlights on his wings, grey air intakes and a shiny blue canopy. The nose is painted black, there's a silver VTOL fan behind his cockpit with some red highlights and a silver painted section behind that's pretending to be exposed mechanics.

   What impresses me most about this mode is the level of detail. For the pricepoint (Deluxe/Supercon), someone paid a lot of attention. The black camouflage is all over the upper of the plane, and there's rivets and seams moulded all over it as well. He has twin grey jets at the back, underneath the tailwings, which are painted orange (indicating that he's burning fuel). These engines have brown paint in the seams and grooves to represent engine grime. The sides of these engines are asymmetrical. On his right wing is a raised Decepticon ensign, the raised part being painted purple.

   Inferno, his Minicon, can mount on a grey panel between the twin stabiliser fins. This gives Thrust a third missile launcher, since he has missile launchers under his wings. All the missiles are a dark lime green.

   There's a fair bit of play value. The missiles all shoot, with ball-pressure type launchers. The wheels all roll, and the front wheel folds up. There's also a gimmick where the wings lift out and by placing a Minicon on his underside and jiggling it, the wings spin around. It's pretty pointless, but it's play value, I suppose. Inferno can also stand on his little platform in robot mode, which is kinda cool. Aside from the live attachment on his underside there are dead attachments on the undersides of the wingtips.

   Aside from the silly wing gimmick, this is a pretty good plane mode. He has a small truck mounted on his back, but it's well integrated so you don't really notice.


   Remove Inferno. Pry the rear jets out to the side a little to release Inferno's platform, fold it up and forward. Fold up his front landing gear, pull out his air intakes. Swing the nose underneath and back, swivelling the tip to form the head, and click the post it's attached to into the chest. Fold back his helmet to reveal his face. Fold down the air intakes to form legs, fold up his feet. Fold down the rear jets to form his arms. Oh, you should remove the VTOL fan section (it's a bit stubborn), otherwise he can't stand upright properly. Reattach Inferno's platform - it's pretty much impossible to transform him without it falling off.

Height: 16.5cm Width: 12.5cm

   The weaker of Thrust's two modes, but it still has some strong points. The colour scheme isn't as good as his jet mode - there's a lot more of the green - a stripe down his chest, groin, thighs and missile launchers are all green. His helmet, arms and shins are dark grey, his feet, chest and face are silver. There's too much green, and the sea foam green on his forearms looks silly in this mode.

   The missile launchers are permanently attached to his shins. They can only really point down to out to the sides. The can't point up, since the missile butts are too long and reach further than his feet. While they're good missile launchers, not being able to remove them hurts. The fan section can sort of be held as a shield on his arms, but it's unstable and looks silly. It's the first piece of bad kibble in a while, actually. You may even prefer to leave it on, since it's attachment hole is big and is really quite visible - you can see right through his groin.

   He has no hands. Instead he's got the engine exhausts, which I assume are meant to be claws or something. It wouldn't be so bad if he didn't have stabilisers and tailfins hanging off his forearms.

   It's not all bad news. The conehead formed by the nose actually works, unlike the G1 Seekers where it was simply too high. In fact, it even has a simulated cockpit on it - simulated in that the painted "window" sits _under_ the actual jet mode canopy. He has raised & painted Decepticon ensignia on both shoulders.

   Play value is really limited to poseability. The gimmick's attachment point is now on his chest and attaching a Minicon there looks ridiculous. The missile launchers can't really shoot anywhere meaningful, although he can hold Inferno's detachable missile launcher.

   In terms of poseability, he has ball and socket knees and hips. His waist and neck swivel, and he has two swivels on each shoulder, but only single swivels on his elbows.

   Whilst there are some good points, I get the feeling the designers who did such a good job on the jet mode ran out of time on this mode or something. There are too many problems that to me should have been ironed out. It's far from the worst robot mode Armada has to offer, but it's not the best, either.

Name: Inferno
Allegiance: Minicon
Alternate Mode: Missile Truck

Height: 3cm Length: 7.5cm Width: 3cm

   Most of his length is due to the missile, incidentally. Anyway, he's a dark green truck with painted silver windows and a giant silver missile launcher on his back with a big green missile. His wheels are black and all roll. The missile launcher is activated by jiggling his attachment (yes, it's live) on his underside. Unlike the launchers attached to Thrust, there's a spring inside Inferno's, although you can't see it.


   Swing down the missile launcher's brackets to form his arms. Fold down the cabin to form the legs. Remove the launcher. You can turn it over and point it upwards, which will reveal a trigger and allow him to carry it on his back, or you can give it to Thrust.

Height: 5cm, 8.5 with missile on his back Width: 4cm

The first thing I'll say here is that Inferno is misassembled - the groin is backwards. Take the legs off, swing his groin around 180, and reattach his legs to his hips. While the transform works backwards, it looks much better fixed.

   Moving along, he's mainly dark green with dark lime groin and thighs, as well as the live attachment now on his chest. His face is painted a slightly lighter grass green. He has a monocle. His arms are silver, the missile on his back, if attached, sticks up and is lime green.

   The shoulders swivel up and down, the hips and knees swivel and his groin spins. He can hold the missile launcher in one hand above his head, which looks pretty funny considering how big the launcher is relative to him. But he can hold it up no trouble - not only does he look stocky, Inferno's got strong shoulders (c8

   It's a robot mode that reminds of a Micromaster, but it's a good robot mode. I'm still wondering why a green missile truck is called "Inferno", it must be said.

   Recoloured in brown and blue or red, both came with a white Inferno.


   Thrust has a great jet mode, but a robot mode that's somewhat lacking. I'm torn between being neutral and recommending Thrust on his own. Luckily he comes with Inferno, who not only compliments Thrust's better mode but is a great little Transformer on his own - 7/10 (which is a combination of the 6 for Thrust and the 8.5 for Inferno

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