Powerdasher Plane Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Powerdasher
Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Multi-Function Specialist
Alternate Mode: Plane

Height: 2.5cm Length: 8.5cm Width: 9.5cm

   A small black bodied plane with a chrome silver nose & cockpit and silver wings with red engines. Basically, the wings are the old straight out style, not the swept back style of conventional planes. They're attached right at the back of the jet, The engines are about half as long as the plane's body and essentially stick forward from the front of the wing. This doesn't look like any plane I've actually seen, I suspect the design is more of a high-speed land vehicle, of the land speed record variety.

   Being a Powerdasher, he's got the features common to all three toys in this set. The front wheels are plastic hidden under the nose, the rear ones are yellow with rubber tyres and he has a pullback motor. The pullback motor is essentially the point of these small, inexpensive Diaclone moulds, and it has to be said that it's quite powerful.

   The cockpit, which is a raised section at the junction of the nose and main body of the vehicle, covers the head, behind it is a seat for a Diaclone pilot. I'm not sure if the chromed cockpit was meant to be one in Diaclone, but since it looks like one and there's no longer a pilot for the seat behind it, I'm calling it a cockpit.

   This is probably the best looking vehicle mode of the Powerdashers, it's also the one Hasbro featured on the mail away insert, suggesting they also thought it the best of the three moulds. The engines on the side could also pass as cannons. If you look at the tip of the nose you might notice his fingers moulded into it. Aside from that the only other flaw is the heavy reliance on chrome, meaning that if this Powerdasher lost his chrome his plane mode would look awful.

   As with the other Powerdashers, this car mode looks quite cheap, but it's better than most of the fake Transformers down through the years. The major feature of this mould is the pullback motor, and this works very well. The nicest looking of the series, too.


   Swing the wings and engines back to form the legs, open the halves of the nose to form the arms. Stand him up.

Height: 10cm Width: 6cm

   He's got a black torso, red head and lower legs, silver arms and thighs. Like the other Powerdashers, he's got a sticker for a face. The rubber wheels are on his waist.

   Again in this mode this Powerdasher looks kind of cheap, but still looks better than a lot of fakes. The moulded hands are a nice touch, though, something I'd imagine a lot of fakes wouldn't worry about doing. His proportions are pretty good compared to a lot of small Transformers of the era (such as a lot of Minicars and combiner limbs).

   Poseability is non existent. His hips and knees bend to the sides, the arms can lift out to the sides at the shoulders. So all the play value's in the plane mode.

   Exceedingly simple, the only real flaw aside from simplicity is a slight tendency to fall forwards. it's a robot mode on par with the other Powerdashers, but isn't really anything special.


   None that I'm aware of, although there were three randomly shipped Powerdashers.


   I'm not going to lie - the main reason for getting a Powerdasher as a kid was the fact they were mail order only toys. The reason Hasbro took that route was because they weren't considered up to shelf standard (and Takara still had lots of stock of them). Like all Powerdashers, the best feature of this toy is the pullback motor (which works very well) and the worst feature being the heavy reliance on chrome, which looks atrocious when it's worn. If you want just one Powerdasher this is the one I'd recommend, since he has the coolest vehicle mode - 5.5/10

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