Anti-Blaze vs Thrust Toy Review

Individual Review

Thanks to Pulse for donating Anti-Blaze & Thrust for this review

Name: Anti-Blaze
Series: Cybertron
Allegiance: Autobot
Alternate Mode: Fire Engine

Height: 2.5cm Length: 5.5cm Width: 2cm

   A mid grey fire truck with "SWAT A03" stencilled onto the left side, Anit-Blaze has red windows and a transparent hose-gun on top of his left door and blue rear fenders. There's a red Autobot logo stamped on the right side just behind his windshield. While the name is awful (must be the mould, things got off to a bad start with Firebot), the colours work reasonably well. The "SWAT" thing, coupled with the grey, makes this mode more of a crowd control truck than one racing off to rescue the old lady's cat out of a tree. While this makes the name even more annoying, it does give the mould something new, and it's refreshing amongst Transformers. He sports six wheels, all are black plastic and all roll. While the lack of a roof mounted ladder was unusual on Firebot, it makes sense for a SWAT water cannon.

   A pretty good repaint in truth, and I really get the impression the designer set out to make this one a crowd control vehicle, but the marketing guys didn't get the memo (or just didn't care). He sports two powerlinx ports on his roof.


   Fold the sides of the roof down to the sides and rotate 180. Open the waist up, there's a giant hinge which reveals two missile racks. Stand him alone or attach him to a hardpoint on a larger Armada toy.

   With a total of 12 missile tips, Anti-Blaze should look imposing. however the tips are unpainted this time. From the front, this mode is all firepower. It does look kind of odd as a standalone, but makes a nice arm mounted weapon for a bigger toy.


   Fold down the sides of the roof and rotate 180 to form the arms. Fold over the front section to form the legs, fold the hose-gun out to the side. Stand him up and fold down the transparent chest panel covering his face.

Height: 6cm Width: 4cm

   This mode is significantly weaker than his truck mode, but fares better than the unpainted weapon mode. Anti-Blaze's robot mode has shoulderpads so big you can barely see his head. They're 1cm tall blocks on top of his shoulders, which hurts on such a small toy. They're blue with three yellow spots each. The Autobot logo ends up upside-down on his left boot, which is _not_ a good look. The central transparent panel is nice, although I can't really see why it needs to fold down, it only serves to cover his face from the underside of his truck mode - and there's heaps of robot kibble under there anyway.

   He has grey arms and feet, black thighs. His legs transform like 90% of Micromasters, so he has huge feet and small thighs. Anti-Blaze doesn't have hands, not even moulded ones traced on the insides of his arms. It's like they took the worst aspects of Micromasters for this guy. The shoulders are swivel joints, but that's really it for poseability. The transformation joints in his knees can move, but if you try position him he's likely to topple over.


   None that I'm aware of, although as mentioned he is a repaint of Armada's Firebot.


   I'm not certain if the name is better or worse than "Firebot", but it's pretty bad. The SWAT idea is really good, and Anti-Blaze works really well as a repaint in vehicle mode as a result. The weapon mode is still passable despite being unpainted. The robot mode improves of that of Firebot ever so slightly, but the upside-down Autobot logo there looks really bad. Unusually for a MiniCon repaint, this one actually improves on the original - 5/10.
Name: Thrust
Series: Cybertron
Allegiance: Decepticon
Alternate Mode: Modified Concorde SST

Height: 2.5cm Length: 7cm Width: 5cm

   A copper, black and silver Concorde with an extra set of forwards facing wings, Thrust is a repaint of Scattor of the Energon Saber team, with a name that's about 400 times better. What's more, his colours actually line up nicely to those of the original Thrust. The nose section and tail are copper coloured while there are some silver and black painted elements on his wings. There's a little light silver front wheel which can swing down, providing Thrust with some play value - although he'll happily stand on his kibble if the wheel is retracted. The colours are attractive if not very realistic, and will please more traditional fans since they justify the name here. Thrust has a single powerlinx port underneath. There's a single purple Decepticon logo stamped onto the port side of the tailfin.


   Stow the wheel, lift the nose up on top of the plane, unclip the legs and swing forward, stand him up. Swing down the arms, unfold the forearms. Fold the tail down to form a chestplate.

Height: 6cm Width: 4.5cm

   The robot mode is largely a dark burgundy colour with grey plastic on his upper arms and legs, his chest is copper and his eyes, The chestplate is the tail section - complete with a protruding tailfin, and Decepticon logo on one side. The wings sit behind his shoulders. The colour scheme is a little jumbled since the burgundy and copper clash. The face is very low on detail, not that you'd see it on dark burgundy plastic anyway. y matters.

   Thrust's poseability is pretty good - his shoulders lift out to the sides while the elbows bend. The hips swing and his knees are ball joints and with a little care some dynamic poses are possible - which is pretty good for a toy this size with poseability that borrows from transformation joints.


   This mould was better before it was retooled, but at least this version of the retool doesn't look like urine. The realism is gone, the colours unrealistic, but the transparent plastic has given way to a colour scheme that fits the name well. The robot mode colours are a little muddled but this is still a decent enough repaint, if not a great one - 6/10.

   Two repaints which improve on the originals - although Thrust can't quite compete with the original, unmodified, Concorde MiniCon. Anti-Blaze has a great repaint theme and a lousy name while Thrust has a good name reuse with a lot of emphasis on the jet mode and not so much on robot mode. While neither are must haves, this pair is one of the more rewarding amongst the Cybertron MiniCons - 6/10

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