Animated Waspinator Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Waspinator
Series: Animated
Allegiance: Decepticon
Alternate Mode: Wasp

Height: 9.5cm Length: 15cm Width: 7cm

   A green wasp with an abdomen featuring lime green and black stripes, Waspinator has transparent purple wings and transparent purple eyes. There's some lime green on his head along with a gold Decepticon logo. There are some other transparent purple patches on his legs and some lime green on his thorax, but the green dominates. The colours are fairly close to those of his Beast Wars counterpart. The colours work well with the green and purple combining surprisingly well.

   As is often the case with insect Transformers, Waspinator is a mass of somewhat unstable legs. They're fairly well formed with distinct feet, but he stands somewhat precariously. It's quite possible to stand him on his legs and not hard to find a decent pose, but the legs don't really offer a range of poses. Mind you, Waspinator doesn't suffer from the weird proportions of many Animated toys. Sure, it's not quite a realistic wasp, but he's essentially convincing. The abdomen is a little stylised and the antennae on his head are a little small, but there aren't any weird deviations on what you'd expect. There are well sculpted insect feet on his legs.

   There's a wing-flapping gimmick here - if you pull back on a green tab behind the base of his wings, they'll open out to the sides, and snap shut again once you release the tab. It works okay, although they don't swing far enough for this gimmick to really impress. Still, it doesn't get in the way so I'm happy enough with this gimmick. The poseablity, as mentioned, is very limited. The rear pair of legs have ball joints at the hip and two hinges along their length while the front four legs sit on two very restricted ball joints (one hip on either side, for two legs) and have single hinges per leg. The end result is enough flexibility to find a stable pose and not a lot else. His head and abdomen can lift up and down a little, but move them too far and things will pop out of alignment. There's a little stinger underneath the tip of the abdomen, which is a nice touch. The wings can swing forward, which is for transformation and doesn't really contribute here.

   A good beast mode even if his legs are at the messier end of Transformer insect legs. The colours work, the BW tribute is obvious and there are some nice details such as the good use of transparent purple, insect feet and the stinger. His play value is limited by modern standards, but on par with many BW toys - and better than most of the insect modes from that era. It's not perfect - the weird hips at the front see to that, but Waspinator works well as a wasp.


   Pull back the hind legs, which will pull the abdomen in towards the thorax. Straighten the hindlegs as robot legs and stand him up. Swing out the forehips to the sides as shoulders. Fold out the falce vestigial legs below the shoulders, swing the beast head down to form a chestplate, revealing the robot head. Swing back his head. Clip the forelegs together to form arms. Swing the wings up.

Height: 18.5cm Width: 10cm

   A lanky green robot with transparent purple eyes, along with the beast mode's purple eyes on his chest and the purple wings sticking up behind his head. There's some lime green here on his chest, antennae and the beast abdomen visible between his legs. The gold Decepticon logo is now on his chest, rounding out a simple colour scheme, which works just as well as that of the beast mode. Again it's mainly green, and again there's a clear tribute to the Beast Wars character. The eyes have a useful lightpipe.

   As mentioned, Waspinator is lanky, but he doesn't quite reach the stick figure proportions of some Beast Machines toys. So while he has the usual odd shape of Animated, it's relatively mild. He does feature a long jaw, but it's not especially pronounced on his insectoid face anyway. In fact the face has a distinctly cartoon feel without descending into caricature as on many Animated toys - it strikes just the right balance.

   There are vestigial insect legs hanging down from his armpits - they're exclusively for this mode. They don't serve any purpose other than as a visual feature, but the contribute to the insect theme here. Between the wings, insectoid face, insect head on his chest and the false legs, this is very much a bipedal wasp. The feet and hands are insect feet - the hands are two feet fused, in fact.

   Waspinator has no gimmicks or weapons here, which is very unusual for a modern deluxe. The wing flapping mechanism is still available on his back, but it's quite pointless. So he relies on his poseability for play value. Thankfully the poseability is quite good. His head is ball jointed and the antennae are composed of soft plastic. The shoulders and hips are ball jointed while the elbows, knees and ankles are hinged. There are rotators below the hips and shoulders to compliment the elbow and knee hinges. The false legs have ball joints and hinges, although the ball joints at the base pop off very easily (and reattach easily, thankfully). His feet feature handy heelspurs, giving him a wide range of stable poses. The hands are open, so while he's not designed to hold a weapon, he could conceivably hold other Transformer's guns.

   A nice robot mode which display well thanks to good colours, good proportions and a well executed insect theme. Waspinator manages a cartoon look without odd proportions, while still fitting into the general feel of the Animated line. The poseability is very good and while the lack of a weapon is notable, this is a good, fun, robot mode.


   None that I'm aware of.


   While the transformation is largely by the numbers and there's no weapon in robot mode, Waspinator is a fun toy. Both modes look good and while the beast mode is a mass of limbs, its not difficult to stand him up. The fused arms mean the Transformation does have something to offer and the robot mode's insect theme keeps things interesting despite the lack of a weapon. With good colours and a solid tribute to perhaps BW's most popular character, this is a toy I'd recommend to fans of the Animated toyline (or Waspinator) - 7.5/10

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