Oil Slick Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Oil Slick
Series: Animated
Allegiance: Decepticon
Alternate Mode: Motorbike

Height: 7.5cm Length: 7.5cm Width: 16cm

   An army green low riding motorbike with a kiwi green fuel tank in front of a black saddle along with some kiwi painted highlights, Oil Slick has black tyres, painted black details in places, metallic kiwi twin exhausts and black barrels on either side as saddlebags. The handlebars are light grey with black handles and a black ram's skull between them, where the headlight would otherwise be. His colour scheme is very unified, relying almost entirely on black and greens, and looks pretty good. I'm not that you'd see a bike on the road in these colours, but as with most Animated toys, realism isn't really the point here.

   Oil Slick is a well formed low rider, with a well defined front fork, the saddlebags sit nicely on the sides and the fuel tank is well shaped. While he's not realistic, the shape here is better than many other Animated alternate modes - and there are a lot of poor motorbike modes we've seen down the years. He stands very well, because there are actually, two tyres at the front and two at the back - although both are essentially double tyres rather than him having four distinct tyres. There are some fantasy elements here - not the least of which is that ram's head (complete with green eyes). Along with the head, there are spines on the saddlebags and front forks. Rounding out the detailing are some dials (tacho & speedo I guess) just behind the handlebars, in grey and black.

   The play value here is decent for a deluxe. The barrels are removable, and you can fold the saddlebags down if you take away those barrels. All four tyres roll freely, and as I said he stands up well - there's no need for a kickstand (he lacks one, anyway). The front wheel doesn't steer, but if you do try to steer it you'll find that the handlebars & horns are composed of a very soft plastic.

   A decent bike mode with good colours and some nice visual elements, Oil Slick is further proof that Hasbro are finally learning how to make good bike Transformers. The tyres may be a little cheaty, but he stands up well and still looks very much like a bike. There's no real kibble here, and this bike isn't as stylised as many Animated alt modes - but still has some nice features like the ram's head. There are no glaring flaws here.


   Unclip the ram's head and swing around to the left side, then split the front tyres and swing the forms out to either side. Lift up the dials to reveal the robot head, which swings out - you then push the dials back down. Grasp the rear of the bike, pull back and split to form his legs. Swing the exhausts up to form his feet, fold out the grey fingers and kiwi green thumbs from within the front tyres (his wrists) to form the hands.

Height: 16cm Width: 9cm

   A lanky green robot, Oil Slick has kiwi green on his torso and thighs, army green limbs and a black head with a bright green face. The head is contained within a transparent green bucket, and has eyes composed of the same transparent green, with an effective lightpipe. There's a black Decepticon logo on his chest. Again it's a very unified colour scheme, relying on greens and black. Much of his body is slender, with the ankles being the widest parts of the body - they're the saddlebags.

   There's a smattering of bike mode elements here, including the ram's head on his left shoulder and a false headlight on the right shoulder. The wrists are the front tyres while the rear tyres are visible at the centre of his anklejoints. The saddlebags are on his ankles, with those detachable barrels prominent. The exhausts on his feet are also hard to miss. Rounding out the bike elements here are the handlebars hanging off the top of either shoulder.

   Oil Slick has good poseablity and some play value alongside. His head turns while the waist is fixed. His shoulders are ball jointed, the elbows are double hinged - they swing up and down, and can fold inwards. His thumbs are on ball joints while the fingers can swing in. The hips are ball jointed, his knees are hinged while the feet pivot up and down, dragging the heelspurs - which are the saddle - with them. The feet are the most massive part of this toy, so he anchors well, giving Oil Slick a good range of poses.

   The two barrels detach and both can plug into holes inside his wrists. One splits in two, revealing a silver plastic chain, about 4" (10cm) long, giving Oil Slick a mace-like weapon. The other has a hatch that opens at one end - the remnant of an abandoned slime gimmick - at one stage in the design process there was going to be slime inside here and the helmet, but problems with keeping the slime contained in shipping put paid to it.

   The shoulders are assembled a little weird, and some poses cause them to unclip, but this is the only real shortcoming of a good robot mode. The shape and style is distinct, and while it's unorthodox, it's no more so than many Animated toys, and Oil Slick doesn't really suffer as a result of the ambitious look, unlike some. The helmet is a nice idea and the lightpipe works well. The mace weapon is cool, the range of poseability is impressive and the colour scheme is very unified. With a lot of bike elements visible, this is a good robot mode.


   None that I'm aware of.


   While I'm generally not a fan of Animated toys, Oil Slick is quite well focused and the odd stylistic elements so prevalent in the line don't hinder this toy. His colours work well and the weapon is innovative. The poseability and stability in robot mode are both good, the bike mode has some great features such as the ram's head and the ease with which it can stand. While the style is a little odd, the theme here doesn't get in the way of Oil Slick being a good Transformer - 8/10

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