Animated Blurr Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Blurr
Series: Animated
Allegiance: Autobot
Alternate Mode: Sports Car

Thanks to Goktimus Prime for loaning me Blurr for this review

Height: 3cm Length: 14.5cm Width: 6.5cm

   A very sleek ceramic light blue sports car, Blurr has some navy blue here and there, most notably on the front of his hood (which also sports a red Autobot logo) and along the bottom of either side. The wraparound window is a very dark transparent blue while his headlights are a transparent mid blue. The tyres are black and rear pair have no wheels - rather a hole in the middle. There are some lighter ceramic blue markings on the roof, hood and on the tyres (in a whitewall effect). The paint job is simple but not minimal - blue has red taillights and other generous paint applications. The overall effect is quite attractive and provides a close link to the G1 toy, although the colours are a little darker here.

   This is quite clearly a tribute to the G1 character, and while the colour scheme tells us this, the car mode also provides a tribute. The car is very sleek, the front fenders are long and pointy, to mimic the outrigging fenders of the original, and there's a little navy crest hanging out the back to mimic that sticking up on G1 Blurr. This car is of a more traditional shape, and gains visible tyres, so Blurr feels more like a car than his G1 counterpart. In fact this car design is nicely focused with attractive curves (I mean that in a non-suggestive way), side mirrors and fenders that hug the tyres nicely. The only shortcoming is a distinct hole at the back of the cabin - don't look at Blurr from this angle.

   There's a gimmick built into the hood - if you press a panel at the front of the ceramic blue portion a transparent mid blue blade pops out. It's a nice idea and a fairly unobtrusive one, although it needs more room than his ground clearance allows, so you have to hold him and leave space for it to unfold. The front tyres roll although the rear tyres are false with strips inside that roll. It's a moot point anyway since the chest underneath will rub against the table.

   An attractive car mode and a good update of the character concept - this car mode feels more like a car while retaining the same ridiculously sleek look and colour set. The blade gimmick is nice although the poor rolling is a shame. A good car mode thanks to the clever tribute and excellent layout in general.


   Pull the front fenders out to the sides slightly, detach and set aside the hood. Unclip the rear fenders and fold down to form legs. Pull the doors out and pivot the doors/front fenders back to form arms. Swing the legs into position, straighten them, flip out the feet (taillights) and heelspurs. Clip his arms into the chest, rotate the forearms and give him the hood as a shield/weapon. Fold back the panel behind his head, rotate the head to reveal his face.

Height: 19cm Width: 7.5cm

   A ceramic light blue robot with navy on his forearms, waist, chest and thighs, Blurr has red toes and a red Autobot logo on his chest while his groin is black. His face is while with a navy chin, a navy crest and mid blue eyes with an effective lightpipe. His head is quite unusual in shape - it tapers at the rear, sloping up to a point. In this respect the fact that he has a working lightpipe is impressive - the light usually enters the head at the back, Blurr relies on two transparent patches on either side. While I don't like the overly distorted head shape (and rarely do like this style in Animated), the colour scheme works well. There's more navy here than on his G1 counterpart, but the facial colours are a good match.

   As is often the case with Animated toys, Blurr's robot mode shape is quite unusual. His limbs are long and his torso also quite narrow, and the tapered head fits into this theme. The theme is unified - not always the case in this line - and the crest on his head fits in. I have to admit I don't like the look, but that's a personal thing. His legs aren't straight - the boots slope outwards, which looks really awkward and I _am_ critical of this aspect. Overall it's a solid theme. It doesn't fit the tribute, but that's fairly weak here, to be honest - the colours are too dark and there are few elements that remind us of the original - the crest and shield are the most prominent.

   Blurr's play value is decent although his height coupled with the immobile feet hurt his poseability. His head is on a ball joint, his shoulders are restricted ball joints while the elbows are ball joints which effectively function as hinges so they included rotators above (which is a great touch). His waist rotates while the hips are restricted ball joints and his knees are hinged with rotators just above the ankles. His feet and heelspurs are on ball joints, but they only work for transformation. Blurr can be posed, but the range of stable dynamic poses is small, and many of those will look awkward thanks to the bent legs. The shield can plug onto the outside of either forearm and the blade weapon can be deployed. You can plug the shield into holes on his back if you like (thanks to Lee for this info).

   A unified theme and a good colour scheme make this a decent robot mode, but the shape of the legs is awkward and the tribute is weak. The shield is a clever tribute (it even forms the same part of the car mode), and the weapon is simple yet effective, but the poseability is quite limited. The lanky limbs remind me too much of some of the weakest toys from Beast Machines, so I don't like it personally - some will love it, others will hate it.


   None that I'm aware of. Collector's Club Cheetor is a retool of Blurr.


   A good toy with a great car mode and a decent if flawed robot mode. The tribute is strong in the well designed car mode although the extra navy in the robot mode largely ruins that tribute. The robot mode's poseability and leg shape hold him back, but at least the robot's unusual proportions work, unlike some Animated toys. If you can deal with the robot mode's shortcomings and like the Animated style, I'd recommend Blurr - 7/10

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