Actionmaster Thundercracker Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Thundercracker
Series: "European" Generation 1
Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Warrior
Alt Mode: None (was an F-15 fighter jet)

Thanks to Goktimus Prime for loaning me Thundercracker for this review (I have since acquired Thundercracker).

Height: 9.5cm Width: 4.5cm

   A wild mixture of colours - Thundercracker's chest is purple, the central stripe is crimson with a green canopy. His upper arms, groin and boots are also crimson while the forearms and detailing on his boots are like green, the head is gold with crimson eyes. The face and thighs represent the only blue on this toy, which really doesn't look much like the original Thundercracker. The colours are spectacularly awful, which seems to be a theme with some of the European toys (Hasbro UK must've employed Wales's most colour-blind toy designer). There's a Decepticon logo sticker on his left shoulder, which is the most subtle thing about this toy.

   There's not all that much jet left here, other than the canopy on his chest. The wings are relegated to winglets on the outsides of his shoulders (pointing back) while the jets and tailfins on the back of his boots have disappeared. The air intakes are now small tabs behind his head, and while they still work as signature features for this robot, they don't really look like air intakes. The canopy does nail this toy as a plane, but the model is no longer obvious. I'm pretty sure we'll never see a fighter jet in colours anything like this.

   Thundercracker's poseability is the same as every other Actionmaster - his head turns, arms rotate and legs have G.I. Joe poseability (fully poseable hips, knees bend 90 degrees). The magenta gun of his exosuit can be held as a handgun, but introducing magenta to a toy with crimson and purple isn't something I'd recommend.


   A lightish purple triangular thing which is sculpted to resemble a stealth fighter, but doesn't really end up looking like one. The front of the flying wedge has a clear gap behind it, with very prominent fluorescent green brackets attaching it to the rest of the body. There are two smaller magenta guns under the wingtips and the larger one sort of clips clumsily into a post on the back where the tail should be.

   The top of the main body is flat, since Thundercracker is meant to be able to ride on top (as you do on stealth jets). There are handles on the green brackets, but he can only sort of sit while holding them - not a good look.

   It transforms into an exosuit, which is basically the jet folded up with black boots folding out from underneath. The front forms a chest cover and the wings are, well, wings. The smaller guns detach and sit on top of his wings while the larger one sits in his hand. The best thing about this awkward exosuit is that it covers up Thundercracker's colours.

   I'm not a fan of this exosuit. Apart from the fact that it's colours don't match those on Thundercracker himself, this suit is too big and bulky - there's no way he could actually move around in this thing. It is better in this configuration than in jet mode, however.

   A fittingly poor accessory for an awful recolour. Neither mode really works, the colours are bewildering and there's just no focus in the design. It's the only new aspect of the set - since Thundercracker is a repaint of Starscream.


   None that I know of, thankfully.


   A toy that's more significant for its rarity than anything else. The colours seem almost purposely random - and completely fail to convey the intended character. Whilst there were some good Actionmasters in the second series, this is one of the worst. Considering the complete lack of design focus in the exosuit, psychedelic colours and high price driven by scarcity, I'd recommend against spending more than a couple of dollars on this - 2/10

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