Actionmaster Snarl Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Snarl
Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Desert Warrior
Alt Mode: None (was a Stegosaurus)

Height: 9.5cm Width: 4.5cm

   A grey and red robot that bears a fairly loose semblance to the Dinobot toy of 1985, Snarl is perhaps the least toy-accurate of the 1990 crop of Actionmasters based on existing toys. Having said that, the basic colour scheme is still broadly similar. The chest is red, head black with a yellow face and orange eyes, the upper arms and boots light grey, the forearms darkish grey while the groin is light grey and the thighs black. The yellow painted face was silver on the original, and his waist is now painted orange whereas it was red (and not as well defined) on the Dinobot. While the orange paint wasn't the best choice, it's sparing and the gold details they've added to his boots (feet, spines, moulded dino legs) are more prominent. While this colour scheme departs somewhat, it still works quite well, and is actually more balanced than the original's anyway. I'm glad they've used the orange sparingly, it would have looked awful if used liberally as on Banzai-Tron.

   The departure from the original toy on Snarl is not a bad thing - it's quite obvious they've based this toy on the cartoon version, which was necessary since the proportions had to be changed a far bit - not just for the waist but the head and chest. So while it's not a dead ringer, it's still identifiably Snarl. In fact I kind of prefer this toy to the original in terms of the character, if only for the better proportions. The dino-kibble on his boots, along with gold panels on his back, help make this toy Snarl - even if his face is now yellow. I really like the fact that the designer bothered with the dino details while making this a more playable Snarl.

   Poseability is the same as every other Actionmaster - head turns, arms rotate and legs have G.I. Joe poseability (fully poseable hips, knees bend 90 degrees). He's certainly more poseable than the original was, although that's not all that difficult. His footprints are a lot smaller, but without the die cast chest of the Dinobot it doesn't matter. His handgun is orange plastic, which is a little out of place on Snarl himself but matches Tyrannitron.


   An orange bipedal mechanical dinosaur with black limbs, chest and head, Tyrannitron is a very bright little thing, since the orange is neon, so I'm really glad they matched it with black. Snarl's gun shares this neon orange plastic, and frankly should have been black. Tyrannitron is a T-Rex like thing (similar to Trypticon, although he's really quite generic. His tail has as a joint midway allowing it to either stick out or curl up against his back. There are three spines on his back, which match the Stegosaurus theme still apparent on Snarl, and his forearms have large claws that look they'd be able to grip stuff (if they weren't solid cast). cast).

   The gun mode is a bit of a mess, since the limbs don't quite stow away and there's too much bulk getting in the way of it being a proper gun that Snarl can hold - it's so heavy it tends to tip Snarl over.

   Despite the disaster of a gun mode, I don't mind Tyrannitron. The animal mode has some charm - it's actually a cute little thing - and it's more interesting than a lot of the random backpacks and other inanimate accessories most of the classic character Actionmasters came with.


   None that I know of.


   One of my favourite Actionmasters, and the first one I bought (because I didn't have Snarl at the time). The artistic license the designer used when basing this toy on Snarl's animated robot mode makes for a better robot form than he got originally, so this is an Actionmaster I'd recommend even if you have the original. Tyrannitron is fairly good as Actionmaster sidekicks go, but Snarl is really the prize here - he succeeds with what they were trying to do with this concept, where a lot of other Actionmasters failed - 8/10

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