Alternity Cliffjumper Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Cliffjumper
Series: Alternity
Allegiance: Autobot
Alternate Mode: Suzuki Swift Sport

Thanks to kup for loaning me Cliffjumper, making this review possible.

Height: 5cm Length: 12cm Width: 5.5cm

   A metallic red 1:32 Suzuki Swift with black rubber tyres, silver hub caps, colourless plastic on the headlights & windows. transparent red taillights and black on the grille, window struts and such. The silver Suzuki logos on the grille and boot indicates that Cliffjumper is a licensed toy. There's gunmetal on his bumpers and side curtain. The red is more like that of G2 Hubcap than Cliffjumper, since this you uses a paint mimicking the metallic one Suzuki actually use on the car. There are many fine details, such as a black antenna stub on the roof, black number plate at the back, so the colour paint job is quiet detailed. There are no allegiance symbols visible in this mode.

   Like its Binaltech big brother, the Alternity line features licensed scale models, and an intricate level of detail. Aside from the features I've mentioned above Cliffjumper features side mirrors with silver painted indicators and on the mirror side, sport lights at the front, twin exhausts at the back, door handles, four internal seats and a RHD steering wheel. At this size the detailing is quite spectacular and the metallic finish is consistent and striking.

   All four doors open, the hood and rear door (this is a 5 door hatch) slide out and open, there's a fairly rudimentary silver engine under the hood, complete with "SUZUKI" in raised lettering while the boot is essentially just a gap, but we do get to see a red Autobot logo in there (even if it is upside-down). The wheels all turn, unlike BT there's no steering here. Aside from the rack and pinion, I don't think we could ask for more play value from a realistic licensed car mode at this size.

   This is an excellent car mode with a wonderful finish. The red used isn't quite what we associate with Cliffjumper - moreso G2 Hubcap - but he's still a subcompact so the tribute works well. The detailing and paint job are top notch, the play value is impressive - especially opening all four doors to reveal seats.


   Complex and involved, so I'll summarise. The front splits and extends to become his legs, with the bumper forming feet. The hood and windshield push it, the former becoming his groin while the roof and front doors become the chest. The back half unfold to the back of the robot, revealing the robot head while the rear fenders become shoulderpads and the rear bumper becomes his arms. There are twin handguns concealed under the engine. Essentially the transformation mimics that of the original minicar, although the layout is actually closer to that of the Classics version. The horns on his head actually pull out slightly during transformation, which is a nice touch.

Height: 13.5cm Width: 11cm

   A metallic red robot with dark gunmetal and black on his arms and legs, a silver face and transparent blue eyes (with a useless lightpipe). The guns are silver along with the rear hubcaps on his shoulderpads. Aside from the obvious difference in metallic paint, the colour layout is close to the original toy, with some red and dark charcoal on his arms, alluding to cartoon Cliffjumper. That Autobot logo is not on top of his chest, in front of his face, and it slops forward slightly. Again there are shades of G2 Hubcap here, but with the silver face and facial shape, this is distinct Cliffjumper and not Hubcap. While the colour scheme is slightly less striking, it's still attractive and distinct.

   Cliffjumper has a odd shape overall. He's squat and wide and the torso protrudes quite a bit, and while this is no different to the original, it's unusual for a modern toy of this complexity so it's more prominent. The hood as a groin looks weird since it looks something like a skirt, and robs him of a waist - so he has a potbelly. The feet are short - they don't stick out past the bulky shins at all, so he's all belly and no feet. I can understand why promo photos all have Cliffjumper (and Bumblebee, who shares the mould) with their legs splayed - it lessens the visual impact of the waist being too wide and also diverts attention from the feet. I've taken photos of Cliffjumper standing normally and Bumblebee with his feet apart, so you can compare.

   The poseability is about what you'd expect of this sort of toy, although there's no waist so no articulation there. The head is on a ball joint, the shoulders swing and lift out to the sides while the elbows are hinged with rotators. The wrists rotate _and_ have hinges, allowing for a wide range of gun poses - I guess this makes up for the lack of waist movement. The hips swing and lift out to the sides while the knees are hinged and supported by rotators in the thighs. The feet are on hinges but only move a little. The heelspurs are short but useful enough to allow for a few dynamic poses.

   While the shape is a little weird in a movie-twins kinda way, the basic layout is still Cliffjumper and he finally gets his glass gun (two in fact). The colours work well and unlike many recent Cliffjumper toys, the head is all Cliffjumper rather than being that of Bumblebee as an afterthought repaint. I'll admit the shape really bugs me, but the poseability is great so he's still got loads of display potential.


   None that I'm aware of. Bumblebee shares the mould (with a different head), and was released concurrently.


   A great car mode with wonderful metallic paint and excellent detailing becomes a pot bellied robot, but at least this Cliffjumper doesn't have a Bumblebee head. The colour scheme is great in both modes, the play value in both modes is fantastic and the transformation is involved without being frustrating. I'd recommend Cliffjumper over Bumblebee on the strength of the red masking seams in vehicle mode better, but they work well together anyway. I don't like the robot shape, and I can see this annoying others (especially those who disliked the movie twins), but overall this is a great toy - 8.5/10

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