Afterburner Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Afterburner
Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Gunner
Alternate Mode: Futuristic Motorcycle

Height: 4.5cm Length: 8cm Width: 5cm

   An orange motorbike with a white canopy, white front fork and charcoal grey tyres. Yes, he's got a canopy, which I guess would make him a large bike. So while Groove is oversized, I can accept that Afterburner's going to be around the same size as his teammates. He's got a rubsign indent on the back of the left side, and on mine at least, Autobot symbols on either side of the cockpit. The wheels are plastic and are quite wide. This is a good thing, he stands upright very easily. He has orange exhausts on either side of the rear wheel, masking a primarily charcoal wheelbase.

   Afterburner's got holes on either side for guns. These guns are dedicated to his vehicle mode (although you can actually attach them to his robot legs). These guns are pretty sweet, it has to be said. The left side one is long and powerful looking, while the right side one is shorter and looks like a twin rocket launcher. He doesn't roll that well, he's too heavy for his wheels. But he _stands_ well, as previously mentioned, and frankly I prefer an immobile bike that can stand.


   Remove his guns, fold the front wheel down, fold the cabin right back to form the legs, then fold the rear of the bike back to allow him to stand. Position his arms and give him his handgun.

Height: 8cm Width: 4cm

   The orange that dominates his bike mode also dominates Afterburner's robot mode. He's got orange arms, orange lower legs and and orange head (silver face). His chest is silver, his groin & thighs are charcoal grey, with a floating white panel on the centre of his groin.

   While it looks nice, there are some details missing that would have improved this robot mode. He's got no real feet or hands, and his thighs are painfully small. The lower legs are one piece and account for 70% or so of the legs. It looks better than it sounds, but the detail would have been nice. I'm not sure if he's meant to come with any stickers, but mine has none on robot mode, and it doesn't look like any were applied.

   There are some cool features, despite what's been skipped. The smaller of the two side-mounted weapons can attach to his right foot, giving him twin rocket launchers. I guess when he kicks your butt, it really, really hurts. The silver paint used on his shoulders, face & chest looks pretty good, though. His arms are shaped to imitate hands, only when you take a close look does the fact he has no actual hands make itself apparent.

   Overall, it's a decent looking robot mode, lacking a few things which could have made it a great robot mode for a combiner limb.


   The 1987 issue has a rubsign indent on the left of the cycle mode, the 1988 issue is lacking this indent.


   Afterburner has good bike mode, both in design and aesthetic. He's got a reasonably good robot mode, with a few things holding it back. It's a toy I can honestly say is worthwhile for the size/price aside from it's being part of a team. Of course, if you want Computron, then he's definitely recommended - 7/10

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