Activator Optimus Prime Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Optimus Prime
Series: Animated
Allegiance: Autobot
Alternate Mode: Truck

Height: 5cm Length: 8.5cm Width: 5.5cm

   A red truck cab with a blue base and a silver stripe around the cab which very loosely fits the formula, Optimus Prime is a messier version of the standard Animated Prime. The windows are black, the grille and front bumper are black while there's a lot of silver kibble at the back. The entire thing is gappy and unconvincing. There's a red and blue stroberack on the roof. It's a fairly standard formula that this incarnation of Optimus Prime manages to mess up.

   While this vehicle mode has problems, the fact is Animated Optimus Prime isn't very realistic anyway. The front of the cab is angular, the back doesn't really look like a hitch, or anything else. The stroberack on top suggests an emergency services role, but there's no water cannon as on the larger toy.

   There's not much play value here - Prime rolls and that's it. I don't expect any more at this level. Much of the truck looks ready to unfurl, since there are so many gaps.

   This is a terrible truck mode, even at this level. Sure, there are minor flaws and compromises on smaller toys, but Prime's truck mode is a mess of parts rather than a truck. To be fair, it doesn't help that Animated Prime's truck mode is unrealistic to begin with. The colours anchor the character, but I'm not sure this truck mode worth of the name.


   Press the silver button on the back - it's hard to miss it. The sides spring out to form arms, the front tips forward to form the torso and the head pops up from underneath the stroberack. Rotate the forearms and fold out his hands. Split the legs, unclip the black tyres from his thighs, flip up the feet and fold the wheels around his feet. Considering how poor the vehicle mode is, this auto transform ends up asking for a lot of manual stuff.

Height: 10cm Width: 7cm

   A red, blue and silver robot in the traditional layout - the torso and upper arms are red while the forearms, groin, head and boots are blue. His thighs are silver along with the mouthplate. His eyes are light blue and there are yellow false headlights on the groin. There's an Autobot logo on his left shoulder - something missing from the full sized toy. While the truck mode is a mess, this robot mode's colour scheme is detailed and thoughtful, and the layout is great.

   As with most Animated toys, the proportions here are stylised, but I'm happy to report the shape here is actually less unusual than the full sized toy. His waist, groin and thighs are all slender and narrow, but he doesn't lean forward as the bigger toy does. deluxe).

   Optimus Prime's poseability is good, with ball jointed shoulders, hips and knees, a heads that turns and hinged elbows with rotators. His feet are fixed but the footprints are large with heelspurs, so he's easy to pose. As with all Activators, there are no detachable weapons, but the axe bundled with the bigger toy is a waste of time anyway - and this one poses better.

   A great robot mode with good poseability, a nice layout and pretty good proportions - in stark contrast to the awful truck mode. This robot mode makes for a great little figure and is worth the price of admission.


   None that I'm aware of.


   The robot mode kicks ass and takes names, but the truck mode is abysmal and the transformation makes a mockery of the concept of autotransformation. It seems that Hasbro can't get this character right - the larger one has its own set of problems, the 2 pack version is poor all around and this one basically puts all its eggs into one basket. In terms of value for money I prefer this one - it's cheapest, has a nigh on flawless robot mode and actually sports an Autobot logo. If you're keen on the Activator concept, you might find the overall picture disappointing here, but the spectacularly successful robot mode is good enough to make this a good toy, if not a great one - 6/10

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