Abominus Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Abominus
Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: (no tech spec)
Alternate Mode: N/A - Gestalt comprising Sinnertwin, Blot, Rippersnapper, Hun-Grrr & Cutthroat.

Height: 26cm Width: 20cm
(these exact measurements will vary - Sinnertwin is a tall shoulder, for example..)

   A combination of five Terrorcons, Abominus is a combination of five colours schemes, body shapes and kibbles. Overall, he combines fairly well. While the Technobots are designed in one colour scheme, the Terrorcons are not - the dark Blot, the bright yellow Sinnertwin and the various greys of Hun-Grrr and Rippersnapper join with the olive green of Cutthroat. The overall effect is a lot better than it sounds, mainly due to the fact that the purple and grey of Hun-Grrr, Rippersnapper and the various add-on gestalt bits end up dominating.

   The head is light grey, with two big antennae and a purple face. The eyes are yellow, the chestplate, which is one piece, is purple and pretty much covers Hun-Grrr. The hips, inherited from Hun-Grrr, allow for a fair bit of leg poseability, but he's too top heavy to do too much with. The arms swing up, and can actually move 360 degrees. If Rippersnapper is an arm, he can point right to the side, his shoulders flush to Abominus' shoulder. They can all do this, but you wont have to remove Rippersnapper to accomplish it (c8

   Depending on who you use as arms, you may have very close-to-the-shoulder arms (Sinnertwin & Blot), very stocky legs (Blot & Rippersnapper) or various other mixes. I prefer Sinnertwin as one arm, with the heads pointing straight up, and Rippersnapper as the other arm, with the shark head also pointing up. The reason for this is that Cutthroat can only form an arm with the wings sticking out front & back (which looks odd) and Blot's apething arms just get in the way as an arm. With those two as legs those bits get tucked behind. Whatever way you form him, there's a mass of little monster limbs on his arms & legs, and you'll notice the gun has been designed with plenty of clearance so it can actually be held (Optimus Prime, take note..).


   The five components all can with (1987) or without rubsign & indent (1988). Rippersnapper & Hun-Grrr are missing rubsigns on mine, so he's a hybrid - as most are, since there as no Abominus giftset outside Japan.


   One of the better square-peg based Gestalts as a combined form, he's not a series of sticks like Superion, more stable than Bruticus and has a much better body shape than Menasor. Very colourful, it would have been fun to see how they would have brightened this guy up for G2 (c8

   The biggest drawback of Abominus is that none of the limb robots are all that great. Hun-Grrr is a great toy, and while Rippersnapper & Cutthroat are decent, and Sinnertwin is OK, Blot is just a bad toy. So if you can overlook the deficiencies of some of the components, it's a worthwhile set - 8/10

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