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G1 Tech Specs

I've always wanted a toy of Emirate Xaaron - a comic only character I always found fascinating. So when the yellow BT Tracks toy came along, it seemed a pretty good fit, and justifies Tracks coming in two colours.

"An army is only as good as its leaders"


The lone surviving member of the Autobot council, Xaaron is a link to a bygone era, a politician living in a society without government. He has never been a warrior, instead contributing to the war with strategy and executive decision making. When the Autobots embraced the Binaltech technology, Emirate Xaaron expressed his pleasure with the results to Optimus Prime, who offered Xaaron a place in the queue of Warriors due to receive the upgrade. Not wanting to take the place of a combat-trained soldier, Xaaron declined. Optimus Prime however, saw the value in giving one of the wisest and most respected Autobots the weaponry to hold his own in battle, and insisted Xaaron adopt a Binaltech form - even if only a copy of an existing bodyplan. Having chosen Tracks' design, Xaaron kept his traditional gold in his new form.


As a robot, carries a black beam gun and has twin missile launchers that can fire heat seeking missiles up to 100km. His weaponry and physical abilities are identical to those of Tracks although Xaaron is nowhere near as adept as his prototype. Although able to transform for the first time in aeons, Xaaron prefers his robot mode, which feels more natural to him. Top speed of 450kph, although his driving skills allow for top speed only in open expanses. A shrewd tactician and seasoned negotiator, Xaaron excels in deciding on the right course of action and the best commander for the task at hand.


While his new body is immensely powerful, Emirate Xaaron has yet to realise it's potential - partly due to a lack of skill and partly due to a lack of self belief. Without the skills of a warrior, most of his physical abilities are best used for self defence. While his skills are improving as he learns his new body, Xaaron still feels unsure of himself and tends to underestimate his ability to handle his new form.

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