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Time Warrior (Physical model: Galaxy Force Vector Prime)
Function: Temporal Analyst
"Ignorance is bliss"

Time Warrior views reality in four dimensions - he can see into the past and future as easily as most can look at the horizon. His unique ability means that predicting the future - and looking at the past - are easy for him. While this makes him a sought after talent within Autobot ranks, he longs to be able to see the world as his colleagues do. Time Warrior has tremendous trouble relating to his three dimensional comrades, unable to convey his perception to anyone. Whilst he cannot travel through time, his arm-mounted laser cannon can detach and act as a remote sensing drone under his control, and can move in the fourth dimension - although its range is limited to nine months before contact is lost. Solar panels double as antennae for controlling his probe, and reduce his energy input significantly. Occasionally suffers from bouts of depression. Capable of interstellar flight, Time Warrior often flies off to nearby stars when he's feeling upset.

Str: 6 Int: 9 Spd: 8 End: 10 Rnk: 6 Cor: 4 Frp: 4 Skl: 8

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