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Name: Iron Man
Series: Marvel Crossovers
Alternate Mode: Fighter Jet

Thanks to Goktimus Prime for loaning me Iron Man for this review

Height: 4.5cm Length: 17.5cm Width: 18.5cm

   A mid grey and ochre jet with some yellow painted detailing and a black painted canopy and light grey missiles underwing. Much of the upper surface is mid grey with the ochre dominating the thrusters at the back and the front of the plane. The colours broadly match those of the traditional Marvel character - the ochre isn't quite red but is very close to it, and along with the outbursts of yellow help anchor the traditional red and yellow colours. I suspect the switch to ochre is a nod to the recent movie adaptation, which featured a duller red than the primary colour red of the comics, and the greys help makes this jet a little more realistic.

   This jet looks more like a toy jet than a Transformer jet - the nose is very rounded and the canopy flattened out a little, while the missiles are very rounded. I guess Hasbro are trying to pitch this toy to younger children. There are quite a few pieces which refuse to line up on Goktimus's Iron Man, and I'm hoping these are isolated QC issues but can't be certain. The portside wing doesn't sit flat, instead it sticks up slightly. The seam between the canopy and the rest of the fuselage doesn't sit flush and the missile under the portside wingtip falls off very easily.

   I'm not sure if this is meant to be a realistic jet model - it's not one I recognise, but I'm no aviation buff. It looks like it could be a rather simplified version of a real fighter, aside from the excessive rounding. The sculpt is decent enough, with lots of seams. There's even an arc reactor detail behind the canopy, which is a nice touch. There are four missiles under each wing, the smallest outer missile can detach, the middle two are actually a single piece which can also detach and the largest inner missiles can be fired by pressing on an ochre button underneath. Incidentally, the firing missiles represent the sum total of the play value here - there are no wheels at all.

   A fairly simple jet despite decent detailing. The flattened shape and rounded missiles give the impression that this is a toy for younger kids. The colours are compromise between those of the traditional character, the colours seen in the recent film and colours you're likely to see on an actual jet fighter. Overall it's a fairly mediocre jet mode with limited play value.


   Fairly involved and fiddly without being difficult. Rather than running through all the tweaking, I'll summarise. The grey folds up on his back, the nose splits and the canopy folds down to form the chest. His arms and legs are tucked away underneath - the feet are actually the thrusters. The nose halves form kibble on his hips and the missile launchers end up on his elbows.

Height: 17cm Width: 11cm

   An ochre robot with yellow on his thighs, elbows and facemask, Iron Ma has only remnants of the mid grey now - in the form of the missile launchers on his elbows and tailwings hanging off his boots - the latter are barely visible. The rest of the mid grey is a backpack. The light grey large missiles are also visible. The black canopy on his chest is also visible. The colours are very much Iron Man now, even if the ochre shade isn't quite typical of the character.

   This robot is clearly Iron Man - well the armour suit, anyway. The kibble doesn't really change this impression, since the hip kibble is ochre and blends in while the grey stuff doesn't have any real visual impact. The facemask is well defined with holes for the eyes and mouth. The proportions are robotic rather than human - the head is smaller than on a human while the boots are larger (typical of Transformers). Visually this robot mode works very well, even if the aesthetic isn't really terribly Transformer-like.

   The poseability is pretty good for a toy with a jet on his back. His head turns, the shoulders swing and lift out to the sides while his elbows hinge inwards and there are rotators in both the upper arms and wrists. The latter allow you to turn the forearms, giving him elbows which swing up, but doing this moves the cavities where the hands stow to the top of the forearms, which doesn't look so good - but at least we're given the option. The missiles can be fired from his arm-mounted launchers, which themselves can be rotated for arm. The double-missiles can detach and clip into the front of his forearms, although you can't do anything with the smaller missiles.

   This is easily the better mode here, with a strong Iron Man identity and good poseability. The play value is minimal, but the missile launchers are useful and the fact that the other missiles can clip onto his forearms is a nice touch. I'm not at all a fan of the franchise, but I can see that this is a pretty good effort for a transforming Iron Man.


   None that I'm aware of.


   A fairly weak vehicle mode is offset by an impressive robot mode and a decent transformation, even if the robot is essentially hidden underneath. The colours are a good compromise between the greys found on fighter jets and the unlike-plane-like red and yellow of Iron Man. The plane mode feels like a toy for younger children and has some QC issues (at least on the one I'm reviewing) but the robot mode is solid for a crossover such as this. This figure feels more like an Iron Man figure than a Transformer, so I'd really recommend this only if you're a fan of both franchises. It's a good effort for what it is, so if the idea appeals, I'd recommend this toy - 7.5/10

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