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Set in the Armada continuity.

Frostbite (Ramjet)
Function: Cultural Geographer

Frostbite left the Decepticons, since his interest in cultures conflicted with their systematic abusing of Earth's resources. Before leaving, Frostbite recruited a willing cohort of captured Minicons and left on his own. While as a Decepticon his study of humanity was solely geared towards exploiting it, he now travels the world trying to understand the myriad of cultures - even the most mundane of which are intriguing to Frostbite. Has developed a special interest in the Inuit culture and spends a lot of time in Quebec and Nunavut as a result. Frostbite overhauled his colours upon leaving the Decepticons, and deliberately chose an Arctic scheme so as to not stand out in his adopted Arctic home.

Starburst (Thunderwing)
Function: Philosopher

Not long after his awakening on Earth, Starburst adopted Buddhism, which profoundly changed his outlook. Capture by the Decepticons deeply troubled Starburst, and he was the most obvious companion Frostbite saw amongst the Minicons. While he is happier than he was, Starburst is still haunted by his treatment at the hands of the Decepticons and sometimes suffers from bursts of depression.

Backlash (Terradive)
Function: Radar Specialist

The black sheep of the group, Backlash didn't disagree with the Decepticons' goals or methods as much as he hated taking orders. He actually has a cruel streak which bothers his companions, although it rarely comes to the fore, since he'd rather be where he is than under Decepticon control again. Spends most of his time monitoring the Decepticons' movements, Backlash is always worried about being recaptured.

Gunpoint (Gunbarrel)
Function: Mediator

It has always been in Gunpoint's nature to resolve conflict. Gunpoint is in his element when he's bringing foes together. Loves nothing more than satisfying others turning angst into goodwill. Since arriving on Earth he has taken an interest in the plight of his refugees, and feels a kinship with those caught in their kind's wars as he was. Despite his gruff, tough, exterior, he's a cheerful Minicon who thoroughly enjoys the company of humans. Since he hates his alt modes - a bomber and a weapons array - he tries to avoid transforming. Spends a lot of time assisting refugees and transporting civilians out of warzones.

Icicle (Thunderclash)
Function: Scout

Icicle revels in colder climes, and got sick of the Decepticons travels to warmer parts of Earth for ends he saw as pointless - like battle and domination of the universe. Somewhat apathetic, he's quite happy to do nothing so long as the temperature is right. Since he's often disinterested, he comes across as cold and uncaring to those who don't know better. This often got him into trouble with the Decepticons, since he would ignore them or simply backchat disinterestedly.

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