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Function: Search & Destroy
"The internal conflict dictates the external conflicts we face"

Predacon is a Decepticon torn. Being a primitive, he has a strong hunting instinct. But he's a pacifist who tries to contain his own tendencies. He's not certain he wants to be a Decepticon, but feels that his violent nature wouldn't be accepted by the Autobots. He often tries to avoid combat, and sometimes avoids missions. His violent nature means he is a capable hunter when he's willing to accept a mission. Predacon's strong and has excellent senses, but is often hampered by the conflict within. His internal conflict is compounded by the fact his MiniCons have opposite ideals and don't get on. Able to fly in dinosaur mode with his MiniCons attached. Can use his claws in dinosaur mode very effectively, but has no ranged weaponry. In robot mode his tail becomes a claw, which can shoot energon bolt blasts when his MiniCons are attached, freeing him from physical combat. His MiniCon powers will work with only one attached, but he needs both for optimum performance.

Str: 8 Int: 9 Spd: 7 End: 6 Rnk: 5 Cor: 5 Frp: 4 Skl: 5

Side Burn
Function: Negotiator
"Words start wars, weapons can not stop wars"

Like his companion, Predacon, Side Burn is a pacifist. He's almost like a conscience, encouraging Predacon to do the right thing. Of course, this means he actually hampers Predacon in his duties. Side Burn prefers talking to fighting. He believes in the Decepticon cause, but believes it should be reached with minimal conflict. More important to him than any cause is Predacon, whom he admires, and has an unswerving loyalty towards. In car mode his exhaust can act as a flamethrower, but wears out easily as a result.

Str: 5 Int: 6 Spd: 7 End: 5 Rnk: 4 Cor: 4 Frp: 5 Skl: 6

(name changed since the original was so awful)
Function: Scout
"Keep track of your enemy and control of yourself"

A sadistic, aggressive mind, Slicks couldn't have been paired with a more inappropriate Decepticon. He despises Side Burn, and believes Predacon should be more aggressive. He doesn't know of Predacon's internal conflict, but is often frustrated by it's implications. When on a mission, his job is to scout ahead and help find the target - quite often he's overeager and attacks before Predacon arrives, spoiling the surprise and often finding himself out of his depth, meaning when Predacon arrives he has to save Slicks. Able to emit oil from his tyres, has no ranged weaponry but is capable in hand to hand combat.

Str: 5 Int: 4 Spd: 6 End: 6 Rnk: 4 Cor: 10 Frp: 1 Skl: 7

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