Links Policy

Links Policy

My policy on external links:

   I'm happy to link to external sites, especially those with an Australian emphasis. If you'd like to ask me to add a link to your site, feel free to email me. I'm not a fan of pages of endless links, though I'm happy to link to sites that I think are worth visiting. I'm more likely to add a link to a site with original or Australian content, or a shrine to Runamuck than to a site that's nothing but links to other places.

A note on pop-ups:

   Most, if not all, of my external links will open new windows, which will set off some anti pop-up filters. Since is hosted on my own dedicated server, there are no advertisements.

   I link to external links in new windows for two reasons - firstly some sites out there clear a browser's history, which makes it impossible to go back. Secondly, I hate having to backtrack into a page of text after following an embedded link, so I prefer links to spawn new windows rather than having to go back and find my place.

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