Pirate Team Tech Specs

Tech Specs
Armadaverse & TFU Tech Specs

Gold Digger
(Physical model: Blue Stormcloud Repaint)
Function: Pirate
"All that glitters is worth stealing!"

Along with his partners in crime, Hoplite and Ballast, Gold Digger abandoned the other Minicons and took to pillaging the Earth’s seas. He’s clever, fast and strong, making him well suited to what he does. The brains of the outfit, Gold Digger’s always trying to find new targets to rob. Driven by greed, he has a tendency to think about the reward first and possible repercussions second, which is his biggest weakness.

Str: 8 Int: 8 Spd: 9 End: 5 Rnk: 9 Cor: 10 Frp: 6 Skl: 4

(Physical model: Blue Oceanglide Repaint)
Function: Enforcer
"Beat them into submission and then keep beating"

Like his mentor Gold Digger, Ballast is driven by greed. Ballast is incredibly strong but not particularly bright, and he’s pretty much useless without his buddies directing his actions. The most powerful of the three, it’s his job to scare their targets into submission, while the others outsmart and outmanoeuvre the prey.

Str: 10 Int: 2 Spd: 5 End: 5 Rnk: 6 Cor: 10 Frp: 8 Skl: 2

(Physical model: Blue Waterlog Repaint)
Function: Containment
"Keep your enemy confused and you’ve already won"

Smart and wily, Hoplite is a swindler and thrillseeker . Unlike his two companions, Hoplite’s piracy isn’t motivated by greed – he loves the challenge. Able to bounce off water on his air cushion in hovercraft mode, Hoplite loves bouncing onto the deck of a ship, transforming mid-air swiping the goods and jumping back into the water, again in hovercraft mode. While he’s the most intelligent of the trio, Hoplite usually lets Gold Digger do the planning, since Hoplite doesn’t care about the loot and Gold Digger’s schemes are always brazen enough to keep Hoplite amused.

Str: 6 Int: 9 Spd: 8 End: 7 Rnk: 8 Cor: 10 Frp: 5 Skl: 10

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