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Ben's World of Transformers By Ben Yee. One of the nicest Transfans I've never met (missed catching up with him when I was in NYC). He's got a great site, with reviews, lots of info, as well as useful offsite links and chat rooms. Currently on hiatus, but too good to remove completely.

Dave's Transformers Page
By Dave Van Domelen. He's got a clearing house of (mainly US) toy store sightings, reviews of lots of things, BW, BM, Transformers Happy Meal Toys, as well as other stuff. And he pretty much updates daily, too. is another great multi-facted site. It's almost like an online TF newspaper, with frequent articles on all sorts of things. Run by Jack Hurwitz.
A bilingual English/German database of Transformers added to my links. I'm mentioning it here because it has a searchable ID database (alt mode/colour/series), which should provide a useful tool alongside my reviews.


Hobbylink Japan
I'm not really a big fan of putting links to dealers on webpages, but HLJ are an exception. They sell Japanese toys, at retail plus postage, from Japan. Quick delivery, the best prices on the web and easy to deal with. They deal with kits more than action figures, so search for Takara to find their TFs.

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