ML-10 Aire Toy Review

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Microman Toy Review

Name: Aire
Allegiance: None
Series: Material Force (Toys R Us Exclusive)
Designation: Ml-10
Accessories: Six pairs of spare hands


   The Material Force toys are intended primarily as blanks, with a view to customisation. As such, Aire is a simple, single colour figure. Her full 'name' is ML-10 Microlady Aire Light Blue, and as that suggests, this figure in entirely light blue. The chest size is small, and she has slender limbs. The head is little more than a blank teardrop, there are no facial features or hair at all, about the only detail we have is a chin. The soft plastic of the hands is slightly darker than the bay blue of the figure itself.


   Being sold as a blank slate, there are no accessories other than the six pairs of hands. This does keep the price down (the Material Force are cheaper than regular Microman toys), but I am somewhat surprised that no stand is included.


   This figure has the standard 30 points of articulation, giving her full poseability. There are no holes for attaching weaponry or armour, although she does have the standard holes underfoot for attaching to a stand. With no details or armour, there are no restrictions on this toy's articulation.


   I really only grabbed this figure since I came across it cheap at an anime store and thought I might as well have one Material Force toy to review. I'm not much of a customiser, so one is plenty for me. While the blue colour is nice, there's nothing inherently cool about this figure alongside my other, detailed, Microman toys. I can certainly appreciate the value of solid colour plastic blanks mind you - since one of the trickiest aspects of customs is managing to leave working joints on a painted toy. Sure, it might take three or four different figures to get all the colours you want, but they're inexpensive and I think the end result would be worth it.


   As a standalone figure Aire is a bit of a non-event, but then this toy is really only meant to be custom fodder. Takara has actually given names to all the Material Force figures for some reason, and while this is a little silly, I like the fact that my single blank has a name. As custom fodder, this figure looks to be quite useful - 7/10

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