MGA-02 Atlas Toy Review

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Microman Toy Review

Name: Atlas
Allegiance: Acroyear
Series: Magne Force
Designation: MGA-02
Accessories: globe halves & skeleton, armour, magnetic L-connectors, spare hands, stand


   As with all the Magne Force toys, Atlas is largely done in chrome plastic with some colour interspersed throughout. Atlas has a transparent green chest, this plastic is also used as the core of his head and the centre of his thighs. The green used is a menthol green, darker than the green armour used on his Microman counterpart Theseus. His knees, elbows and ankles are a rather neutral white (which is easy to miss amongst the chrome) while his hands and feet are black. The lightpipe in his head works with a lightsource behind and slightly above the head. The white on Atlas's joints makes his body look a little better in naked style than most of the other Magne Force, although his large helmet really needs armour around it.

   Like all the Magne Force figures, Atlas has a robotic head, with a helmet that reminds me of a Stormtrooper's. He has a gas mask like mouth and a single compound eyestrip. There are attachment holes for his armour on the thighs, shins, forearms, chest and shoulders, none of which stand out too much since there's an overall robotic look to the figure.


   As is standard, Atlas has a choice of six sets of hands ranging from tightly clenched fists to spread fingers, and all are black. The stand is a smoky transparent rectangular piece with a metal plate hidden underneath, with no posts for him to clip onto - but then being Magnetic, Atlas doesn't need a post.

   The stand and armour have a dirty look about them, there's a very slight brown tinge - similar to a colourless plastic with UV damage, except the colour is uniform. There are a total of nine armour pieces - two each of shinpads, thighpads, forearmpads, shoulderpads and a single chestplate. They all fit snugly and securely, and everything feels really natural on the figure. The head looks a lot more natural with the armour attached. The colour scheme now is probably my least favourite of the six Magne Force figures, although it's by no means a bad colour scheme. You can attach the globe halves to his shoulderpads, hips or outsides of his thighs if you like - there are sockets on all three locations. The halves are concave, however and you'll have to contort his legs to get them on the hips, and they look odd encasing the thighs - so I'd strongly recommend the shoulders.

   The skeleton of the globe is a six-spiked star which connects the two halves, allowing the globe to form. The seams on the combined globe make it more like a basketball than a 3D world map, but with a name like Atlas, you can be confident it's meant to be a planet. The globe itself has no posts, which prevents Atlas from holding it in his weapon hands, but it's not hard to balance on his open palms, or even to rest on his arm itself (as I did for the picture at the bottom of the page.


   Atlas has the standard 30 point articulation of the New Microman toys - ball jointed neck and turning head, twin waist joints, twin ball jointed shoulders, shoulder rotators, double elbows hinges, rotating wrists and palm hinges, ball and rotator hips, double hinged knees, hinge and ball ankles. As with all six Magne Force figures, the waist is actually a large magnetic steel ball, while the balls that plug into his body on the shoulder and hip joints are also magnetic balls, albeit smaller ones that directly attach to the limb-side balls rather than being a completely separate piece.

   The magnets add a lot to the poseability of the Magne Force figures. Atlas will happily plant himself on your fridge - and the magnets in his feet are strong enough for him to stand straight out or leaning back against the fridge (or whatever steel surface you like). The strength of the magnets are also sufficient for him to stand on one leg on his stand. Atlas happily stood sideways on my desklamp today for over an hour awaiting review (c8


   Atlas is probably the least interesting of the Magne Force, largely because the armour is understated. Still, the dirty plastic and chrome work fairly well together, the menthol green core adds a welcome splash of colour. I think he would have looked better with menthol green armour, or even black, but I guess this way the globe stands out - which may well have been the reason Atlas scored a subtle colour scheme. While the new Microman toy line is aimed at a collectors market (and I'm a collector who displays rather than plays), I find Atlas's magnetic feet make him an awfully fun toy to fidget with, and pose over and over. Atlas is the only member of the Magne Force without any sort of weapon.


   Atlas is a solid figure, and while he's the weakest of the Magne Force, he's merely the worst of a good bunch. While I'm not crazy about his colours, they work from a design point of view, so my main criticism of this toy is the lack of a handheld weapon - which renders three of the six sets of hands surplus. The globe fits the theme and looks great on his shoulders, but a simple gun or sword (even in solid black) would have made a big difference. The poseability is excellent, and is enough to make this a fun toy - 7/10 (c) Darren Cilenti
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