MGA-01 Phobos Toy Review

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Microman Toy Review

Name: Phobos
Allegiance: Acroyear
Series: Magne Force
Designation: MGA-01
Accessories: saws, armour, magnetic L-connectors, spare hands, stand


   As with all the Magne Force toys, Phobos is largely done in chrome plastic with some colour interspersed throughout. Phobos has a transparent indigo chest, this plastic is also used as the core of his head and the centre of his thighs. The knees, elbows and ankle are blue while his hands and feet are black. The lightpipe in his head works, although not in the usual way - you have to stand him underneath a lightsource rather than in front of one. The chrome contrasts well with the dark colours although the blue and violet look a little awkward together in his "naked" style since they don't quite match - Phobos looks much better with his armour on.

   Like all the Magne Force figures, his head is robotic. Phobos has a simple mouthplate, violet eyestrip and antennae on the side - not a terribly humanoid face at all. Which I can deal with on a bad guy, I should add. There are attachment holes for his armour on the thighs, shins, forearms, chest and shoulders, none of which stand out too much since there's an overall robotic look to the figure.


   As is standard, Phobos has a choice of six sets of hands ranging from tightly clenched fists to spread fingers, and all are black. The stand is a blue rectangular piece with a metal plate hidden underneath, with no posts for him to clip onto - but then being Magnetic, Phobos doesn't need a post.

   There are nine pieces of navy blue armour - two each of shinpads, thighpads, forearmpads, shoulderpads and a single chestplate. They all fit snugly, even the shoulderpads with their pointy tips, and everything feels really natural on the figure - and the colour scheme looks far more complete with the armour attached. I took it off to photograph Phobos, but now his armour's staying put. You can attach his saws to his shoulderpads, hips or outsides of his thighs if you like - there are sockets which allow this.

   The saws work as sort of wings on his shoulderpads, and work as handheld implements of destruction. You can detach his arms or legs and attach the L-connectors with the saws plugged into the L-connectors. The blades actually turn and the edges are thick enough to work as wheels if they're attached via the L-connectors.


   Phobos has the standard 30 point articulation of the New Microman toys - ball jointed neck and turning head, twin waist joints, twin ball jointed shoulders, shoulder rotators, double elbows hinges, rotating wrists and palm hinges, ball and rotator hips, double hinged knees, hinge and ball ankles. As with all six Magne Force figures, the waist is actually a large magnetic steel ball, while the balls that plug into his body on the shoulder and hip joints are also magnetic balls, albeit smaller ones that directly attach to the limb-side balls rather than being a completely separate piece.

   The magnets add a lot to the poseability of the Magne Force figures. Phobos will happily plant himself on your fridge - and the magnets in his feet are strong enough for him to stand straight out or leaning back against the fridge (or whatever steel surface you like). The strength of the magnets are also sufficient for him to stand on one leg on his stand.


   Extensive use of chrome can sometimes be a bad thing, but it doesn't hurt Phobos any. He looks a little underdone without his armour, but he looks really good with that armour on so I don't mind one bit. The navy, violet and black all work very well together and play off the base chrome really well. While the new Microman toy line is aimed at a collectors market (and I'm a collector who displays rather than plays), I find Phobos's magnetic feet make him an awfully fun toy to fidget with, and pose over and over, while his weapons make Phobos an imposing display piece.


   Phobos is a really nice figure, and while the naked mode and lightpipe are a little odd, the armoured version looks simply awesome. The poseability and weaponry bring a lot to the toy while the magnetic thing is oodles of fun. I don't know that the odd lightpipe or naked style's slightly mismatched colours aren't really enough to drag down an excellent figure, since both are ridiculously easy to look past - 9/10

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