MF2-03 Divemaster Roberto Toy Review

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Microman Toy Review

Name: Roberto
Allegiance: Microman
Series: Master Force
Designation: MF2-03
Accessories: dive capsule, claw-guns, spare hands, stand


   Roberto himself is composed of a pearl blue plastic with brown highlights which are concentrated around his joints, a pewter head and blue hands. The end result is that Roberto looks like he's wearing a wetsuit, thanks in no small part to the smooth feet and blue continuing onto the hands and feet. His body is fairly low detail, with pectoral muscles being the only notable moulded detail. This is no doubt a deliberate decision, since the smooth lines and muscular shape contributes to the wetsuit illusion. Roberto lacks the extra attachment holes some Microman figures have - the 5mm port on his back and holes in his feet - which are standard - is all he has. His head has a moulded hood similar to those work by astronauts under their helmets, which again fist into the whole diving theme.


   Roberto comes with a rather complex spherical dive capsule that fits around the top half of his body. It's chrome silver and is noticeably lighter than the chrome pewter of his head. There are actually several pieces to it (I count at least thirteen), and it has a transparent window in the front for Roberto to look out of along with transparent headlights. There are side doors with open out to the back, allowing Roberto to stick his hands out, and he can grasp the capsule's weaponry or grab handles behind his head if the doors are closed.

   The weapons are mounted on the bottom of the capsule, on either side of the hole his waist sticks out of. The can lift up to the sides and rotate to the sides. You can also detach them and reattach facing the other direction - one end has a laser cannon the other a claw that itself has two joints, giving Roberto either two guns, two claws or a mix of both. The detail on the capsule is quite impressive although it's easy to miss at first glance since the entire thing is chrome. What really impresses me is that both the outside and inside are detailed, and there are jets on the back.

   If you set aside the capsule itself, Roberto can hold the weapons in his hands, one in either hand or both hands holding a single weapon together. I actually prefer the latter, since the weapons are large and the two-handed grasp makes them look powerful.


   Roberto has the standard 30 point articulation of the New Microman toys - ball jointed neck and turning head, twin waist joints, twin ball jointed shoulders, shoulder rotators, double elbows hinges, rotating wrists and palm hinges, ball and rotator hips, double hinged knees, hinge and ball ankles.

   Roberto has tight joints, and the ankles are thankfully strong enough to support the weight of the top-heavy capsule. Without the capsule, Roberto will easily stand in a wide array of poses on his own, and he can even stay upright with the capsule and no stand. More adventurous capsule-laden poses require the stand - even one footed poses are possible with a little care.


   Without the capsule Roberto is a little plain, but this is by design. The weapons work quite well but I wouldn't mind something else spicing up the "naked" Roberto. The capsule is an odd concept but it has been executed well. It's quite a complex little piece of armour really and displays well, although it's too finicky to provide much play value.


   Roberto on his own is somewhat plain but the wetsuit theme is well executed so I'm not complaining as such. The capsule concept is innovative but limiting, so I'm glad it's been done well. I really only picked up Roberto because I happened across him at a local comic store at Japanese retail price. I'm certainly happy with this toy for the price I paid, but if your funds are limited or you're paying eBay prices, there are more interesting Microman toys out there. Still, if the concept appeals or you can find him for a good price, Roberto is a worthwhile acquisition - 6.5/10 (c) Darren Cilenti
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