BM-03 Bio Machine Tiger Toy Review

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Microman Toy Review

Name: Machinetiger & hack
Allegiance: Microman
Series: Bio Machine
Designation: BM-03
Accessories: Machinetiger tricycle, spare hands, hack figure, stand


   Hack himself is made from a smoky transparent purple plastic with light chrome paint apps on his chest, shoulders and boots along with the standard pewter chrome head. His torso and forearms are metallic champagne gold paint, along with some detailing on his thighs and elbows. Hack has the grey hands that are common to the Bio Machine set. He has neck-length hair that's slightly unruly - something you'd expect on a surfer, and his fringe encroaches on his forehead a little, as if it's been pushed back but is resisting. The haircut gives Hack some character and while the pale gold used is a little non-descript, Hack makes a great cyborg in these colours. There are attachment points for his armour but only the hole on his chest is noticeable at all.

   Machinetiger is a chromed tricycle with smoky purple attachments here and there - most notably large covers on the back of the seat. The rear wheels are large and studded while the front wheel is small and ridged. Despite the chrome, the wheels all roll freely, especially on a surface with a little bit of variation (the rear wheels tend to slide on my desk). With the exception of the seat covers, the purple pieces detach to form Hack's armour, and while it looks better with his wings on the sides, the tricycle still works without the armour pieces. I would recommend leaving the wings on the sides of his trike, though, since they'll have him awfully hard to get into the seat. His defaults hands can grasp the handles, and the handlebar rotates and the front wheel can turn from side to side (although there's no link between these joints).


   As is standard, Hack has a choice of six sets of hands ranging from tightly clenched fists to spread fingers. There are no other accessories specific to Hack, since everything else he needs detaches from the tricycle. I've left the default hands he uses them to grasp the handlebar. I wouldn't mind some sort of handheld weapon, and this is my only real complaint about this set. If you're posing him alone, he looks okay with his armour, but you might as well change the hands since there's nothing for him to grasp.

   Everything fits together well and nothing falls off easily, a problem on some Microman toys (and a problem for Machinestinger, and Hack is easy to pose with or without his stand. So while we don't really get many options, at least the ones we did get work well.


   Hack has the standard 30 point articulation of the New Microman toys - ball jointed neck and turning head, twin waist joints, twin ball jointed shoulders, shoulder rotators, double elbows hinges, rotating wrists and palm hinges, ball and rotator hips, double hinged knees, hinge and ball ankles.

   The only joints that let him down are the ankle balls, which are kept in place by hexagonal panels at the bottom of the shins (this is also an issue for Godoh, actually). The wings on his back can be placed higher or lower as you prefer, although the circular shoulderpads can sometimes get in their way. You can bring forward his shoulders a little, which overcomes this problem in most poses.


   Hack himself is a little bland colourwise, the champagne gold gets somewhat lost among the chrome and transparent purple. It's not a bad colour scheme though. His armour fits well and Hack's armour doesn't affect stability, so the figure itself is quite solid if unspectacular. Machinetiger itself is very well done and is very detailed, I can't fault it.

   There's a profusion of chrome here - this is not a set that's really designed to be played with. The New Microman toys are aimed the collector market anyway, and I would assume that most of the target audience would know enough about chrome paint to take due care.


   Machinetiger is the real star here - it's a great tricycle that holds together well, has great detail and is easy enough to use with Hack. Hack is a good compliment, without any notable flaws. Hack is a little bland, so I'd probably recommend some of his teammates over him if you're more interested in the figure itself. Still, as a set BM-03 works very well - 8/10 (c) Darren Cilenti
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