BM-02 Bio Machine Stinger Toy Review

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Microman Toy Review

Name: Machinestinger & Godoh
Allegiance: Microman
Series: Bio Machine
Designation: BM-02
Accessories: Machinestinger hovercraft, spare hands, Godoh figure, stand


   Godoh himself is made from a smoky transparent blue plastic with light chrome blue paint apps on his chest, shoulders and boots along with the standard pewter chrome head. There are some metallic blue paint apps here and there and his hands are a light grey. He sports a short pony tail which flicks out to the left and a long fringe covers his right eye and cheek. Granted, this is my first Microman figure aside from the Transformers crossover Ga'mede, but I have to say I like the individualism in the haircut. The blue paints and smoky blue plastic go very well with one another, and the smoky plastic is a natural fit with his pewter head and the grey hands of the Bio Machine line. There are attachment points for his armour but only the hole on his chest is noticeable at all.

   Machinestinger is a chromed single-rider hovercraft, which is roughly a crucifix shape, with a long blade hanging out the back. There are some transparent pieces, which are a dull smoky blue colour, and other than the windshield they detach to become Godoh's armour. There are handles behind the windshield that Godoh can grasp, allowing him to trail his legs behind him - similar to a larger dive propulsion vehicle. On it's own this vehicle is a shiny block but for a single rider vehicle, it's quite nice and co-ordinates with Godoh quite well.


   As is standard, Godoh has a choice of six sets of hands ranging from tightly clenched fists to spread fingers. There are no other accessories specific to Godoh, since everything else he needs detaches from Machinestinger.

   The long flat tail of the vehicle detaches in two sections, the tip becoming a large handheld sword and the shaft spreading out to form an impressive set of wings that clips onto Godoh's back. The front panel, side panels and wingtips are all clear plastic and are detachable along with a clear ring underneath the vehicle. The front panel becomes Godoh's chestplate and the side panels become shinpads. The wingtips form shoulderpads that hang down alongside his arms and look very cool. The ring can clip into his back, but it'll restrict his shoulder movement and prevent the wings from attaching, so I just leave it underneath and use the more impressive wings. Still, you have the choice which isn't a bad thing.

   When stowed on Machinestinger, the wingtips attach to cannons which themselves detach as Bio-Suit backpack (formed from the four Bio Machine vehicles), and I find these cannons are a little loose, although they wont _jump_ off if you've got the set on display. On Godoh his shinpads tend to pop off fairly easily, and this is probably the most annoying aspect of the set.


   Godoh has the standard 30 point articulation of the New Microman toys - ball jointed neck and turning head, twin waist joints, twin ball jointed shoulders, shoulder rotators, double elbows hinges, rotating wrists and palm hinges (on the default hands), ball and rotator hips, double hinged knees, hinge and ball ankles.

   The only joints that let him down are the ankle balls, which are kept in place by hexagonal panels at the bottom of the shins. As mentioned, the ring on his back will get in the way of his shoulders (specifically, the shoulderpads), but the wings don't really get in the way and of course you can always leave both off.


   The shoulderpads and big chrome wings give Godoh a real sense of majesty, and with his unruly hair you get the feeling that he's a rebellious hero. The colours are well applied and he fits his vehicle perfectly. Machinestinger on it's own isn't so impressive but that's because there are no obvious wheels or turbines. Once Godoh is hanging off the back, it works quite well. Other than the loose cannons on the wings I can't complain.

   There's a profusion of chrome here - this is not a set that's really designed to be played with. The New Microman toys are aimed the collector market anyway, and I would assume that most of the target audience would know enough about chrome paint to take due care.


   As I've already mentioned this is my first Microman toy, so my thoughts might change a little once I see others that are better (or worse), but I like this set. The colours are great and the weaponry and armour that Godoh carries really make for a cool figure. The loose parts and abundance of chrome mean this set isn't much to play with, but both vehicle with rider and armoured Microman are excellent display pieces - 8/10

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