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G1 Tech Specs

These are purely fanfic, by no means official. The names Autobot, Decepticon, Micromaster and individual names are trademarks of Hasbro/Takara (and possibly some other companies).

Some of the specs I've got here aren't mine; they were written by Kendrick Chua. I can't refer to him, he's been away from the TF-internet for years as best I can tell.. Kendrick, if you read this and want me to link to your website or something, LMK.

Anyway, enjoy!

Autobot Battle Patrol

Big Shot
Function: Artillery
"Don't fight me, fear me"

Big Shot is an egotistical braggart. His companions don't mind, he is an excellent fighter, and always enthusiastic. Always cheerful and very outgoing. Often finds himself cheering up comrades, and this makes him an invaluable member of the Autobots. In tank mode shoots shockwave shells up to 5 miles, which can shatter metal within a 500 yard radius of the point of explosion. Carries a pistol which shoots less powerful shells in robot mode.

Function: Field Strategist
"It only takes a second to die"

Always excited, must be doing something. When not in battle, often devising plans or schemes of various kinds. Sidetrack is a very quick thinker, and can assess a situation before other (better) strategists have the time. His vehicular mode is slow, which annoys him to no end. Longs for his Cybertronian mode, a drag-racer, to be re-installed. Twin cannons in tank mode shoot solid shells which can pierce a 2 foot lead wall if travelling fast enough.

Function: Scout
"Everything deserves assessment"

His comrades think Sunrunner is a daydreamer. However it's not that he isn't paying attention, just that he's paying more attention to something else. He has 300 degree vision, and nothing escapes his notice. He is fascinated with Earth and its apparent disorder (Sunrunner was an assembly-line supervisor before he joined the Autobots). He likes to roam, he often deviates from missions if an interesting sight will be close to his path. His motivation to fight lies in the fact that Decepticons show little regard for nature. Carries heat seeking missiles in both modes.

Function: Artillery
"Brute force may win battles, but it cannot win wars"

Flak is the strong, silent type. Charismatic, Kind. As a pacifist, he regrets fighting, however he is a willing warrior, driven by the knowledge that apathy wont end the war. He has an uncanny ability to choose the right option on the spur of the moment, and is usually chosen to lead his Patrol on missions. In tank mode he fires various shells, from corrosive liquids to splinter-shells. In robot mode carries a stun rifle.

Autobot Rescue Patrol

Function: Naval Defence
"Respect is earned, not demanded"

Quiet, intelligent. Hates warfare, but realises the value of the Autobot cause. Fiercely loyal. While many Autobots know little about him, they all value his presence. Seawatch is not a loner, he enjoys company, but will often go for hours without uttering a sound. One of the most trusted Autobots, and is often sent on solo missions, as he possesses great stealth. Armed with Photon rifle.

Function: Patrol Leader
"Careful thought is more valuable than the best intentions"

Stakeout was chosen to lead his patrol due to his incredible patience. Without it, Fixit's frustration and Red Hot's brashness would render the patrol useless. Often regrets having chosen to team up, because he finds himself breaking up arguments between these two. Stakeout was a neurotherapist before the war, in which time he learned his patience. Joined the Autobots when the mental hospital he ran was destroyed by a Decepticon energy raid. Carries a stun gun which can render victim immobile while still being fully awake for up to 12 hours.

Function: Medic
"Hands are the greatest weapons"

Resents his role as a medic, is very envious of Red Hot's battlefield role. He loves action, particularly hand-to-hand combat, and wants desperately to be a warrior. He is very good with his hands, making him an excellent surgeon. Often used as a micro-surgeon inside larger Autobots due to his co-ordination. Lightly armoured, and carries a neuro-disrupter pistol which scrambles signals leaving the brain, leaving the recipient in a fit-like state.

Red Hot
Function: Field Medic
"If it stands, it works!"

Used as a field paramedic, to repair damaged to a state where they are fit to fight. His patients usually need further repairs on return to headquarters. He is a fully-qualified medic, if needed, but his battlefield repairs are quick, often without proper tools. Often leaves jobs half-finished, impatient, but can be trusted to finish something if specifically asked. Ladder becomes overhead laser used for both surgery and as a weapon in robot mode.

Autobot Race Car Patrol (Kendrick's Version)

Function: Warrior
"Give me no orders, and I'll give you no excuses."

Brash, rugged, back-talking fighter. Motivated by a burning hatred for all Decepticons, hates taking orders from "darn fool commanders." Despite his individuality, works well with fellow Race Car Patrol members. Micro-engineered fuel system can operate on any combustible material. In robot mode, carries mini-laser pistol and CO2-propelled duralloy cord used to trip up larger enemies. Sometimes overlooks safety of comrades to get a better shot at Decepticons on the battlefield.

Function: Warrior
"Rend me."

Frightening masochist. Cool to the cause, a member of the Race Car Patrol only because he likes a good fight and because he likes Roadhandler's leadership style. Reacts not at all to suspicions and doubts of other Autobots. Micro-fibre tires have unique treads which allow him great speeds on almost any terrain. Carries miniature concussion blaster with enough kickback to satisfy anyone's craving for self-inflicted pain. Obsession with pain makes him more prone to damage than other patrollers.

Function: Diversionary Tactics
"The roads are too narrow and the rules are too negative."

Brave, loyal, well-meaning Autobot who can't drive worth anything. Even Fixit can't determine where the error in his guidance subroutine is. Other Autobots give him a wide berth on the road, making him feel excluded and alienated. Erratic driving pattern makes him exceptionally difficult to hit in battle. Can drop carefully placed oil slicks behind him in either mode to give enemies the "slip." Often endangers himself by hesitating in battle, doubting his own worth to the cause.

Free Wheeler
Function: Intelligence
"There are no exit ramps on the road of learning."

Earthen literature fanatic. Particularly fond of epic poetry and revolutionary documents. Often bewilders fellow Autobots with one-sided discussions about the meaning of activation and the pursuit of program perfection. Car mode is rolling espionage unit, can record video and audio from a distance of 25 miles. Carries sonic blaster in robot mode. Easily distracted by some new insight into philosophy, sensor overload can temporarily disable him.

Autobot Off Road Patrol (Kendrick's Version)

Function: Transport
"Getting there is half the fun."

Has no conception of property, only obstacles. Is known to indiscriminately drive through farmland, buildings, even over other vehicles. Believes that audacity and daring are more important than consequences. Oversized tires and high clearance allow driving over any terrain, special equilibrium circuitry allow him to respond faster to road conditions - and enemy attacks. Carries miniature electron blaster. Adventurous nature sometimes puts humans around him in danger.

Function: Human Conveyance
"Comfort and courtesy can smooth over the shortest tempers."

Believes war began as a meaningless grudge between two Cybertronians. Yearns to study Autobot history and discover foundational solution for the hostilities. Other Autobots doubt his ideas but encourage him to search. Colloid-tube shock absorbers and suspended passenger compartment makes him the smoothest ride of any Autobot, often called on to transport officials or other VIPs. Carries miniature laser. Often makes the mistake of trying to reason courteously with Decepticons.

Function: Warrior
"Hit them from above."

Other Autobots think he should have been constructed as an aeroplane. Spends as much time leaping and catapulting into the air as he does with four tires on the pavement. Enjoys automotive acrobatics, often shows off to humans. Souped-up hydraulics system allow him to leap heights of 50 feet in car mode, four times that in robot mode. Feet emit acidic compound to augment airborne physical attacks. Often neglects his own maintenance, prone to overheating.

Function: Maintenance
"Keep your wheels rolling and your mouth closed."

Gruff, overworked systems tech. Weary of listening to other Micromasters complain about what he can see with his own two optics. When not repairing fellow Autobots, can be seen moping in some remote corner of headquarters. Has ability to analyse and repair minute machinery, especially in down-sized Micromaster motor circuitry. Can haul 170 tons in truck mode, often carries damaged comrades home. Misses Cybertron, is often abrupt and dismissive when feeling particularly homesick.

Autobot Construction Patrol (Kendrick's Version)

Function: Energy Operations
"Give me faithful purpose and fuel pumps and I will give you energy."

Responsible for energy conservation among Micromaster Autobots. Thrifty, brave, resourceful. Has high hopes for renewable energy sources, always experimenting. Some humans liken him to members of earthen sub-group "hippies." Micro-sensory units in shovel can detect any radiation or electron displacement, often scouts for hidden energy. Vehicular mode is virtually exhaust free, carries graviton gun in robot mode. Will sometimes allow concern for saving energy to outweigh all other concerns.

Function: Demolitions
"Everything falls."

Once an architect on Cybertron, unhappy with tearing down buildings rather than putting them up. Has fervent hope for an end to the war, feels conflict leaves no room for creativity or art. Shovel unit can also act as pile driver, sends out tremors as high as 5 on Richter scale. Vector-tracking circuitry can accurately predict how a structure will fall, works with Crumble to topple enemy constructions. Too trusting of others, especially when promises of peace are made by Decepticons.

Function: Siege Strategist
"I will take all that is hidden and make it visible to everyone."

Believes in complete freedom of information for all beings. Has no objection to sharing new technologies or discoveries with Decepticons if they are also working on the same projects. Other Construction Patrollers think he's short a few logic chips. Despite small size, crane mode can lift eight tons, has sensory apparatus used to detect weaknesses in fortification walls. Carries photon blaster in either mode. Sometimes has misplaced trust in others' intentions about his research.

Function: Weapons Engineer
"We must always remember that we fight to deactivate, not disable."

Embittered old war dog. Believes annihilation of all Decepticons is only way to end war. Other Autobots are often shocked by his extremist views. Specialises in chemical weapons, biphase-alloy mixing drum can safely concoct any number of corrosive or adhesive liquids. Can use micro-molecular assembly to construct sub-atomic bombs and detonators. Carries acid-atomizer spray gun in robot mode. Will sometimes neglect his own safety for the sake of destroying an enemy.

Autobot Air Patrol

Sky High
Function: Foot Soldier
"The sky's the limit. "

Very shy, lacks self confidence. Very few communicate with Sky High, apart from his brother Eagle Eye. Even Treadbolt, his leader knows little about him. Downsized only because Eagle Eye wanted to. Feels more at ease with humans than with fellow Transformers. Very fast flyer, but he is limited by his design. Sometimes has trouble with directional circuitry during aerial combat, leaving him open. Carries an array of missiles underwing in jet mode, and a proton-ray gun in robot mode which leaves target highly magnetised.

Eagle Eye
Function: Air Defense, Surgeon
"Victory reigns from above. "
Compassionate and caring, yet a valiant warrior. Is willing to help almost anyone, and has been known to save the lives of Decepticons. Yet in the heat of battle Eagle Eye is cold and calculating. Often willing to take great risks in battle to help fellow Autobots. Very charismatic, well liked amongst Autobots, respected amongst Decepticons. His only weakness is his occasional overconcern for his brother Sky High's vulnerability. Enjoys a good dogfight. When back at base, spends most his time helping Fixit patch up battle wounds. Armed with several Air-To-Air missiles in jet mode, and a grip-gun which locks up an enemy's joints in robot mode.

Blaze Master
Function: Warrior
"Look out below. "

Blaze Master is a daring, adventurous soldier. Will perform acts in battle that others would only dream of doing. Despite her daring nature, she rarely overestimates herself. She is something of a thrillseeker, and is usually one of the first Micromasters to volunteer for any mission. Despite being the slowest flyer of the patrol, Blaze Master rarely hampers the group. Rotor converts into an arm-mounted slicer in robot mode, which can be used as a retractable Ninja-Star like weapon. Carries heat seeking missiles in Helicopter mode.

Tread Bolt
Function: Patrol Leader
"You can't hit what you can't see."

Hardened, courageous warrior. Treadbolt was a ranked police officer in Iacon before the war. Very strong for his size, wise and never taken aback by the unexpected. Treats battlefield coldly, fighting is merely a job to Treadbolt, no longer an adventure. Gives his orders as requests, treats those below him as if they were above him, but is well respected by other Mcromasters. Undetectable by conventional radar, and has an advanced radar-jamming console. Uses radio-blaster in both modes which interfere with neurological impulses.

Autobot Monster Truck Patrol (Kendrick's Version)

Function: Warrior
"Push hard until it falls."

All brawn, almost no brain. Feels any problem that can't be solved with brute force isn't worth solving. Vain, often found waxing his armour and lubing his joints when not in combat. Strongest among the Micromasters, can crush concrete to powder, topple an office block with one punch. Chest emits concussion blast when his arms can't do the job. Often frustrated by tasks requiring more critical thinking.

Heavy Tread
Function: Waste Management
"All things have a use, no matter how small."

Feels Autobots have become wasteful and careless since coming to Earth, often retrieves items of trash and turns them into useful equipment. Fears that Transformer programs will one day be as disposable. Olfactory and radiation sensors allow him to sift through any heterogenous matter for hazardous or toxic substances. Can generate particulate containment field to prevent explosions or contamination. Lacks offensive weaponry, often a victim of debilitating rust or corrosion due to his work.

Big Hauler
Function: Assault Trooper
"Go out fighting or don't go out at all."

Fastest Autobot on two wheels, even though he has six. Thinks all actions should be like drag racing; short, fast, and intense. Other Monster Truck Patrollers have difficulty calming him down. Car mode is deceptively sturdy, can withstand impact with ten-foot thick reinforced concrete. Often spearheads ground attack by knocking a hole in enemy's front line. Carries miniature laser pistol in robot mode. Prone to internal damage if he overestimates his durability.

Slow Poke
Function: Towing
"Speed is for mechanisms who don't know how to enjoy anything."

Oldest Micromaster Autobot, has a wise saying for every occasion. Thinks younger Autobots are all in too much of a hurry to go to battle, win the war, or get repaired. Has methodical, easy-going nature that drives other Autobots to tears. Engine is built for torque, not speed. Can tow up to 80 tons in vehicle mode, often called upon during salvage and rescue operations. Carries old-style electro-blaster in robot mode. Often caught up in battle quicker than he can respond.

Autobot Hot Rod Patrol

*Note: Big Daddy & Trip-Up are Kendrick's version.

Function: Demolitions
"No sympathy will I offer the maker of the first weapon."

Impassioned, furious micro-technician. Can defuse any explosive device except his own fiery temper. Few are aware his angry outbursts are a defence against his fear of being caught at the heart of an enemy bomb. Small size allows him access to mechanics and circuitry of most explosive devices. Can drop small fragmentary grenades behind him in car mode, carries grenade launcher in robot mode. Temper isolates him from other Autobots, prone to running out of ammo in battle.

Big Daddy
Function: Human Relations
"Know your family before you try to help them."

One of few Autobot Micromasters who actually likes humans. Has developed understanding of human culture and media, works to improve communications with humans and deepen their understanding of Transformers. Accomplished stunt driver, car mode can run 450 MPH on level road and stop on a dime. Generates photon force field in robot mode to protect humans caught in a battle. Sometimes forgets that he isn't human himself.

Function: Orator
"I enjoy burnin' rubber over Decepticon metal. "

Loves to argue, whether it's about battle plans or who's a faster driver. Very good at it, can win arguments when even he knows he's wrong. His argumentative nature sometimes gets him into trouble within his own patrol. Enjoys stunt-driving, likes to take risks. Prefers to remain in vehicle mode in battle, if he can. Rear wheels emit metal adhesives which causes pursuers mechanics to lock up. In robot mode carries adhesive gun which works in the same way.

Function: Highway Reconnaissance
"The essence of speed relies on our power to perform!"

Fun loving, immature. Feels the war is a distraction, would rather be lane-jumping on a freeway or autobahn. Very agile, rarely crashes despite his fancy driving. Causes lots of accidents around him, for which he is constantly being told off by his superiors. Doesn't care, pases them off as grouches. Despises humans as they get his way on the roads. Can reach speeds of up to 1800 Km for short periods, cruising speed 600 Km. Wastes lots of energy performing his stunts.

Autobot Astro Squad

Function: Warrior
"Down look up, not that far anyway!"

Forever the joker, Phaser can make light of her own wounds, as long as her vocal unit still works. Doesn't joke about Decepticons, doesn't want to risk taking her mind off them when fighting. Sneaky, underhanded fighter. Likes to "trick" the enemy, partly because she's good at it, and partly to make it more interesting for herself. Can emit light from various parts of her body, dazzling an opponent. Dislikes reverting to shuttle mode, petrified of space, due to it's sheer size. Doesn't let on to her comrades about this, keeps it to herself, she thinks they'd think it's an irrational fear. As shuttle, has nose-mounted blast cannon.

Blast Master
Function: Troop Transport
"I like my feet on the ground and my wings retracted"

Blast Master resents her role as a living shuttle, because she burns far more fuel than the rest of her squad, and spends more time in repair than the others, too. She never complains when she's needed as a transport, but she'll avoid combining with Phaser if she can. By herself she transforms into an atmospheric jet, but she's not very agile, and prefers to stay on the ground. More cheerful and talkative on the ground than in the air. Carries X-Ray cannon as robot and twin tractor beams as shuttle which she usually uses to tear an enemy apart.

Function: Squad Leader
"To win a war, the fighters must want to fight"

Barrage is the ultimate team player. Always willing to help her troops, dislikes solitude. Cares immensely for her troops, although she doesn't show this in her speech, only her actions. Feels her main job is to keep them out of danger. Feels their injuries in her own guilt. Always tries to cheer up Moonrock, realises he feels awkward in her squad. Strives to make him feel welcome, with limited success. Barrage is herself an aged, wise warrior. Knows the value of both teamwork and the Micromaster concept. Carries rust-pellet pistol as robot. Susceptible to her axles snapping.

Function: Battlefield Radar Unit
"The worst warrior may be a tremendous asset yet"

Heave doesn't believe in beating around the bush. Strong and crass. Enjoys being part of team. Judges others on their inner self, not how strong or fast they are. Always willing to give someone a chance, refuses to believe someone else's opinion of someone, until she's seen for herself. Despite her knowledge of radar, Heave isn't terribly bright. She's got common sense oozing out of her dish though, very practical. As a vehicle, can emit shrill sounds from dish, as robot carries sonic boom gun, which can send a full size Decepticon back several metres.

Function: Lookout
"White elephants, black sheep - they're all just freaks"

As the only male in his squad, Moonrock feels out of place. As a result he's fairly withdrawn. On the outside, many an Autobot would swear he's a drone. All work, no play. Feels he can't relate to his comrades, the first to volunteer as lookout so he doesn't have to get into a conversation. Often very edgy, his own perceptions of himself cause himself mental stress. Despite this, none of them would dispense with him, because he's the strongest of the squad. Carries concussion blaster as robot.

Missile Master
Function: ICBM Transport & Trajection
"Don't mess with me or I'll blow you into next month!"

Missile Master is basically a walking missile silo. And she's got a temper. As a result, friends as well as enemies give her space. Missile Master isn't disagreeable, but when she gets angry, she really gets angry. At other times she's a team player, and she's usually found in the company of Moonrock. Carries one missile on tray and capable of carrying three more in vehicle mode, can shoot loaded missile in either mode. Her main weaknesses are inability to transform while storing missiles and reliance on others to reload. As a robot carries sonic stun gun.

Autobot Metro Squad

Oiler (Blue truck cab)
Function: Gunner
"Peace is worth fighting for"

Quiet, pacifist. Was a chemical engineer before the war, but felt that a scientific role wasn't enough in the Autobot army. Oiler wants Peace, and fights hard to achieve it. Admires fortress Maximus and Metroplex. Strives to be accepted by more relaxed pacifists like Beachcomber and Groove, wants them realise ignoring the war wont make it go away. Sometimes over-zealous, always wants to act quickly, decisively. Pipes shoot variety of corrosive substances in both modes, and act as boosters in robot mode, allowing him to fly within a 500 Km radius. Tires emit oils of varying properties, from adhesive to non-friction.

Power Run (White-Yellow hovercraft)
Function: Scout
"Everything serves a purpose, except Decepticons"

Lives in his own private world. Loves to explore. Can spend days investigating what bores comrades in minutes. Nothing pleases Power Run more than finding a shipwreck. Keeps his own private collection of recovered treasures. Robot mode was equipped with underwater jetstreams when he downsized, at his own request. In battle sees himself as some sort of hero but is often in reality a liability to his squad. Equipped with Sonar & infra-red devices for underwater tracking. Carries harpoon gun in robot mode.

Road Burner (Yellow-white crane)
Function: Human Evacuation
"The victims of war are always those who are innocent"

While the other squad members are fighting, it's her job to get humans out of danger. Compassionate, gentle, but able to be cold-hearted when needed. Often puts her own life at risk for the safety of others, not only humans but fellow Autobots. Haunted by memories of Decepticon energy raids of her home before the war, downsized so she could relate better with humans, the innocents whom she feels are caught in the Transformer's civil war. Loves nature. When not fighting, likes to travel to nature parks. Crane can rise to 50 feet and can carry 5 humans at once. Carries homing photon rifle in robot mode.

Function: Negotiator (White Tanker)
"Give me a problem and I'll give you a solution"

Very good theoretician. Not very good at handling the unexpected. Prefers planned missions to impulsive fighting. Likes his role as negotiator as he believes that there is good in all creatures. Likes to befriend Decepticons, sometimes falls victim to set-ups. Often asked to assist solve human disputes as a third party negotiator. In robot mode carries stun-gun which shoots grease that destroys muscle co-ordination for up to 20 minutes.

Strikedown (White-Blue hovercraft)
Function: Lookout
"It's better to be safe than scrap"

Paranoid. Believes fellow squad members want to get rid of him. Very twitchy, always armed. His mistrusting nature makes him impossible to work with. Excellent vision across entire electromagnetic spectrum. Can become a nervous wreck in large battles and has been known to retreat even when his side is winning. Very rarely do approaching enemies sneak past his sensors. Carries photon pistol in robot mode, can fly for up to 5 minutes in vehicle mode, when separated. Once got into a fight with Red Alert (before he downsized), but both were too scared and left each other alone!

Wheelblaze (Yellow-blue crane)
Function: Interrogation
"Some secrets are better left that way"

The Black sheep of the Autobot army. Never socialises on any level. Spends his spare time in his quarters reading. He has a fascination for earthen history. Has a vast knowledge of the Boer War, the Golden Hordes, etc. None of his comrades know of his passion, and not too many would care! Hides most of himself & his past from everyone. Effective as an interrogator, knows how to probe his enemies' minds. One of the strongest Autobot Micromasters. Lightly Armoured in both modes, but has no real weaponry. Good at hand-to-hand combat.

Autobot Missile Launcher

Function: Short-Range Missile Command
"I don't mind. Kill me!"

Easy-going, fun-loving, popular Autobot. Is always happy, no matter what's going on around him. Most of his comrades think he's 'weird'. In fact, He has a glitch in his neural programming which accounts for his mannerisms. Often makes comments that make no sense, sometimes talks to Autobots that aren't actually there. His logic centre is fine, and he does know what's going on around him. Fearful of larger Decepticons (of course it doesn't show), prefers fighting fellow Micromasters. Very strong, crane can lift 70,000 tonnes. Can create powerful force fields in both modes, also when combined. Since he's in control of the missile launcher, Retro has no personal weaponry.

Function: Communications
"Put up or shut up!"

Loud-mouthed, cheerful Autobot. Likes to talk, can't listen for very long. Sometimes gets on his comrade's nerves. Optimist, will always look for the good in a situation. Calm (though somewhat talkative) under pressure. It's his job to keep the Micromasters in contact with one another on the battleground. Goes about his job with cheer & zest. Has FM transmitter in his head, capable of sending signals 4 miles. Surge can echo-locate, has radar radius of 7 miles. Can switch from normal vision to infra-red or ultra-violet. Strong, robust. Good wrestler & fighter. Can't aim. Carries shrapnel pistol in robot mode.

Autobot Tanker Truck

Function: Defensive Commander
"Worry about a problem and it _will_ become worse"

Calm, cool, takes no nonsense from his subordinates. Enjoys quarrelling with his partner, Gusher. Very rarely loses temper, is known for his calm manner while others are arguing with him. On the rare occasions that they take the same side, Pipeline & Gusher are unstoppable. Despite their bickering, they have an intuitive link, and in battle rarely need to communicate with each other (though when they do, it's usually a light-hearted quarrel). Heavily armoured, Shoots bursts of raw Energon out fists. Often left behind to cover when Autobots retreat due to his cool-headed nature.

Function: Defense Platform Operation
"To be the best one must beat the best"

Idolises his partner, Pipeline. Envies the respect that other Autobots have for Pipeline. What Gusher doesn't realise is that he is held in the same esteem. Often bickers with Pipeline out of envy. Despite the arguing, they form a superb combination. Constantly striving to improve himself, feels he isn't skilled enough to be paired with Pipeline. Modest, doesn't take notice of praises, thinks when others praise him they're being polite. Sharp-tongued, can win a war of words with nearly anyone. Well armoured, but his main weakness is his lack of offensive capabilities as a robot.

Decepticon Air Strike Patrol (Kendrick's Version)

Function: Warrior
"You have to get it done somehow."

While other Air Strike Patrollers argue over how to complete a mission, Nightflight actually makes decisions and discreetly carries out the plan. Always angry because he gets no credit for the work he does above the call of duty. Swing-wing design makes him the fastest flier of the patrol, needs only a short runway. Carries wing-mounted photon blasters in either plane or robot mode. Easily irritable, has often turned his weapons on fellow Decepticons just to silence them.

Storm Cloud
Function: Terrorist
"Fright will move your enemies more than any bribe or pain."

Fancies self a domineering warrior, often swoops low over inhabited areas to wreak havoc on humans below. Actually a dim-witted argumentative fool who doesn't know enough to stop shooting when he runs out of ammo. Carries submachine-gun and two air-to-air missiles in plane mode. Relies on hand-to-hand combat in close quarters, has great physical strength for his size. Lack of weaponry in robot mode leaves him vulnerable to attack, often ruins subtle missions by arguing loudly or shooting too soon.
Function: Espionage
"You can lead a Decepticon to energy but you can't make him stay out of the kitchen."

Has an odd fascination for human proverbs and old-sayings. Believes all information can be reduced to this kind of "parable" format. Delivers his espionage reports in unintelligible human-speak. Small size and non-reflective armour make him undetectable with standard tracking equipment, can fly around enemy territory for hours collecting geographic and intelligence data. Carries blinding black-beam gun in robot mode. Lacks offensive capabilities in plane mode, often speaks carelessly.

Function: Transport
"It is not the speed but the manner of delivery which is important."

Has a reputation for procrastinating to extremes. Often delivers badly-needed supplies days after the battle is lost. Vainly believes that his friendly service makes up for any tardiness. Pontoon modules allow landing on any land or aquatic surface. Nose-mounted laser cannon can penetrate dense, heavy armour alloys. Sacrifices speed and manoeuvrability for cargo space and weapons. Can't carry as much cargo since down-sizing, often the target of blame for many a failed attack.

Decepticon Sports Car Patrol (Kendrick's Version)

Function: Retreat Cover
"The view never changes when you always bring up the rear."

Called upon to distract or mislead pursuers when Decepticons try to escape. Sullen, unmotivated, saddened that he must perform his function so often. Does his job alone, making him lonely and silent. Can launch radar-deceiving chaff or small explosives into the air to cover airborne comrades, uses high-intensity light gun in close quarters to blind enemies. Aeroplane-style cockpit gives occupant panoramic view. Is often captured by pursuing Autobots, particularly sensitive to heat.

Function: Reconnaissance
"Stay low, and maybe they won't notice you."

Paranoid about being made a target. Wastes energy zipping around, hiding from non-existent Autobot snipers. Collects useful reconnaissance information despite tendency to exaggerate his view of Autobot strength. Carries multi-mode sensor array on shoulders, can detect and record most radio and visible light wavelengths. Can endanger missions on those few occasions he doesn't exaggerate Autobot forces, uneven weight distribution in both modes make him easily upended.
Function: Demolitions
"The raging combustion will consume us all."

First memories are of his assembly facility exploding seconds after being created. Has tried to confront his fear of explosives by becoming a demolitions expert, with some success. Appears absorbed with his work, but is actually paranoid about his own safety. Sensors in fingertips can measure chemical composition of any nearby substance, can concoct any number of explosives out of the most basic ingredients. Carries miniature laser. Can shut down in fear when put in danger from his own bombs.

Function: Warrior
"If you go fast enough, you just might fly."

Programmed without linear logic circuitry, examines world with child-like naivete. Energetic, has short attention span. Has been known to drive off cliffs to get a better look at clouds. Other Decepticons find him annoying at best. Phase-coil transmission can push car mode up to 450 mph for short bursts, solid core tires protect him from falls and blowouts. Carries miniature flame thrower. Needs more maintenance than other patrollers due to self-inflicted damage.

Decepticon Race Track Patrol (Kendrick's Version)

Function: Warrior
"None shall pass!"

Ran a toll booth on Cybertron during peace time, dismissed for waving vehicles through blocked passages to watch them crash. Enjoys the thrill of watching a collision, terrorises Autobots on the road with elaborate mazes of rubble. Generates small but invisible force field used to block off roads. Carries particle-beam pistol which punches target with 350 PSI. Often so obsessed with blocking the path of one enemy that he is vulnerable to attack from others around him.

Roller Force
Function: Coordination
"We will crush you under our wheels like so much gravel."

Other Decepticons think he has third-person delusions of grandeur, actually has a composite personality component. Three separate evil minds control him, making him decisive and able to respond to attack quickly. Car mode can run 360 mph on smooth road, both front and rear tires swivel in any direction for maximum manoeuvrability. Carries miniature rocket launcher in robot mode. On those few occasions his minds disagree, will freeze up, making him vulnerable to attack.

Ground Hog
Function: Thief
"Property has no meaning to me."

An inconsiderate kleptomaniac. Steals from anyone anywhere, including fellow Decepticons. Nightflight is convinced he has a stash of weaponry and supplies somewhere in headquarters. Megatron keeps him in the patrol because he is equally good at pilfering Autobot inventions. Techamele" paint job allows him to blend in with surrounding colours, effectively invisible in forest and desert environments. Carries miniature laser gun. Forgetful, often overconfident in his abilities.

Function: Mechanic
"Take your pain elsewhere."

A machine empath, feels the scraping and stresses of any machinery around him. Allows him to be the best mechanic among the Decepticons but also makes him high-strung and melodramatic. Makes asking for a laser-welder an exercise in hyperbole. Can intuitively find mechanical problems in almost any device, specialises in down-sized engines of Micromasters. Car mode has electrified chassis, one charge disables enemies for ten minutes. Reluctant to fight in close quarters since he can feel whatever damage he dishes out.

Decepticon Military Patrol

*Note: Tracer is Kendrick's version. I quite liked it and scrapped mine.

Function: Gunner
"Why stop shooting at just because it's dead?"

Gung-Ho hothead. Loves battle, often fidgets with guns or picks fights when not in battle. Very argumentative, stubborn. When the patrol is arguing amongst itself, which happens quite often, he's usually started it, and he's usually the one in the wrong! Despises Bombshock, and is jealous of him. Not too bright, but considers himself to be clever. Has absolutely no tact. Carries twin mortar launchers on back which operate in both modes, and can shoot impulse laser beams from his fists.
Function: Patrol Leader, Tactician
"Let the masses fight, I'll take the spoils"

Prefers to watch a battle than to participate in one. Very intelligent, brilliant tactician. Was forced to downsize so that someone could control the dim-wits he has to lead. Often befriends Brawl and others like him, convinces them of him plans, then sends them to do the fighting for him! Detests fighting since he considers it too risky, despite his powerful weaponry and his strength. Turret can shoot several bombs and shells, in robot mode arms can transform into twin rapid-fire launchers that shoot smaller versions of same shells. Arms can transform to launchers and back in 0.5 seconds.
Function: Shock Trooper
"Autobots look good - dismembered"

Incredibly vicious, enjoys nothing more than a good, hard battle. Enjoys tearing things apart. Despite his ferocity, Growl is not stupid. He rarely picks a fight with an opponent who'll beat him. If the patrol is faced with a more powerful enemy, Growl usually baits Dropshot into softening them up. Somewhat sycophantic to Bombshock. Carries redox blaster in both modes which causes corrosion around joints. His main weakness is his arrogance, which often leads to other Decepticons after him, and Bombshock having to save him. Sometimes loses self-control when he's fighting due to his temper.

Function: Tracker
"The wind knows no beauty or disgrace."

Originally had an animal robot mode, anthropomorphic conversion was less than successful. Ungainly, misshapen body is the butt of many jokes among the Decepticon Micromasters, making him lonely and defensive. Helicopter mode can be suspended in almost any position, uses video and still-camera equipment to track moving objects as small as a coin. Carries miniature laser pistol in robot mode. Not an effective hand-to-hand combatant, technicians are still debugging his new robot mode.

Decepticon Battle Squad

Melt-Down (purple armoured car)
Function: Target Location
"War is an art"

Takes pride in his efforts. Likes to leave his victims mauled but identifiable. Will often kill slowly so that he can fine-tune a wreck. Impatient, dislikes it when the squad is not in battle, and often squabbles with fellows to relieve his boredom. Sometimes goes too far, finding himself the common target of all five. Despite his apparent sadism, he cares very little how much pain he causes to his victims. Just as happy destroying a toaster or Autobot, but he prefers something he has to chase down.

Half-Track (purple tank)
Function: Warrior
"You can't choose your enemies"

Probably the most unwilling Decepticon ever, with the exception of Dead End. The only reason for his allegiance was to follow friends. Secretly wishes to be an Autobot, but believes that he will be specifically targeted by the Decepticons for destruction if he defects. Will only shoot at an Autobot in self defence. He would like nothing better than to destroy Megatron, but is too fearful. Carries twin cluster-bomb turrets with can operate in both modes. Often hinders his partner, Melt-Down in vehicle mode, but this doesn't particularly worry him. Sometimes leaves anonymous tips for Autobots, and has saved quite a few Autobot lives through the years.

Direct Hit (Blue-Purple cannon transport)
Function: Munitions Transport
"If it explodes, shoot it!"

Direct Hit is a Pyromaniac. Hates hand-to-hand combat, preferring to blow things up. Nothing excites Direct hit more than stumbling across a fireworks factory. Will sit for hours watching things burn. His comrades think he's not too bright, and they're right! They don't complain too much, he has the best aim of all Decepticon Mcromasters. Cannot be trusted with raw explosives, they wont make it to the destination. Was downsized when he blew a huge hole in his torso while trying to create a super-explosive for fun, and he is the butt of many jokes as a result.

Power Punch (blue-black cannon)
Function: Advance Attack
"Strike first or lose"

Very good at what he does- attacks fast and hard. He likes to surprise his foe more than he enjoys fighting them, and usually he surprises them. Can fly fast and low as a robot, avoiding obstacles in his way. Carries a powerful Blast Cannon on his back on both modes, however he rarely uses it in battle, preferring it when charging. Often unnerved if his approach is discovered, and will feel vulnerable for the remainder of the battle. Not too courageous, his fellow squad members often have to rescue him when surrounded.

Fireshot (black plane; front half)
Function: Assassin
"Trust is a myth"

Will use any tactic necessary to destroy assigned target. Hated amongst Autobot ranks due to his underhanded tactics. Will shoot anyone in the back, even friends. Noone trusts him, not even his partner, Vanquish. Carries a variety of assassinating devices: poison darts, exploding decoy objects of various kinds, remote control mines. Often hurts more than just his target, but he doesn't care as long as he hits the target. Despite his apparent meanness, cares very little if he is injured, as long as his target is too.

Vanquish (black plane; back half)
Function: Troop Management
"We're all in this together"

Probably the only clear thinker in his squad. It's his job to keep them in line, which is no easy task. He has to deal with a traitor (he is the only Decepticon who knows Half-Track wants to be an Autobot, but would never tell anyone he knows this, including Half-Track) and a pyromaniac along others. His effectiveness as a warrior is hampered as he has to constantly watch what his fellows are doing. Resents his role, would prefer to be of the masses. Has a tendency to feel burdened by his role as leader.

Decepticon Constructor Squad

Function: Troubleshooter
"We are all flaws in an imperfect universe"

Extremely critical of everything and everyone, which makes him effective in his role as troubleshooter. Can find faults in nearly everything. Doesn't socialise, too caught up in his fellows faults. Even his partner, Excavator never talks to him. Very cynical, usually the cause of any tension within his squad. In battle, doesn't talk, just fights fiercely (which is the only reason he has escaped being melted down). Will shoot at fellow Decepticons if the chance presents itself.

Function: Medic
"Medicine is but a stepping stone to true science"

Cynical, grumpy scientist. Doesn't talk too much, only when he feels something has to be said. Acts this way because he hates his work. It depresses Excavator constantly repairing other Transformers. Not because he hates seeing them injured, but because he doesn't see his job as a useful technological endeavour. Would much rather being a weapons scientist, and spends much of his spare time designing & testing new weapons. Carries stun gun & cluster-bombs (which he makes himself) as robot, and can shoot energon bolts as crane.

Function: Electrical Engineer
"Power is the greatest weapon"

Her own greatest liability. Has no concept of danger. Her hands are covered in spot-weld scars, electrocutes herself constantly. Her circuits have been insulated - she can handle 9,000,000 volts passing through her body without any wiring damage. Was downsized when her body blew apart fixing Vorn's back-up power supply. Terrified of lightning. Despite her misfortunes, Sledge is very skilled at her job. Jeered by comrades, sometimes loses temper and erupts. Can act as a lightning rod, but isn't very happy about it when told to do so by Decepticon commanders. In robot mode, shoots 3000 volt charges out of fists. Can short-circuit virtually any machine on contact. Due to extra room needed for insulation, Sledge has no rockets in her feet, and can't fly in robot mode like most Decepticons. When paired with Hammer, can fly in vehicle mode.

Function: Architect
"The imagination knows no bounds"

Spends more time dreaming about fortresses he'd like to build than about the project he's working on. Slow worker, but very good. Usually ends up being the one who has to build his creations. Can shoot concrete from retractable fists. Strong, excellent co-ordination, but often daydreams ending up with something going where it really shouldn't. Doesn't like going into battle since he can't 'plan'. Once in battle, Hammer is an effective warrior. Shoots null rays from fists.

Function: Human Relations
"To conquer, one must first understand the enemy"

Unusual amongst Decepticons in that he actually likes Humans. Spends most of his spare time with humans, at clubs or sporting events. Would love to be a Quarterback in the NFL. It's his job to try and work with humans, mainly to keep them out of the Decepticons' way. While his ultimate goal is for Decepticon glory, he does his best to make sure this doesn't involve hurting humans. His liking for humans is unpopular with some Decepticons, but most aren't too fussed, since he's a furious fighter against the Autobots. Willing to defy orders if asked to hurt humans, his fellow patrol members often have to save him from being scrapped. In vehicle mode, headlights shoot glass gas. Carries incendary grenades in robot mode.

Function: Squad Commander
"Troops were made for taking orders"

Acts like an aloof, snobbish leader. Professional soldier who enjoys comradery of war. Knockout does care for her troops, but doesn't like to show it. Often gets frustrated when her troops disobey her, particularly when the order isn't hers, only being given by her. Strongly opposed to high-casualty battles/missions. Arguementative with her superiors, which often means the Squad gets stuck with the rotten jobs. A capable soldier who spends lots of her time trying to improve her Squad's skills. Under Knockout's command, the Constructor Squad works well as a team most of the time. Shovel acts as solar panel in robot mode, reducing her energy needs. Carries acid pellet pistol in robot mode.

Decepticon Cannon Transport

Function: Sharpshooter
"I _will_ lead the Decepticon army!"

Obsessed with power, but lacks courage. Tries to bully his partner, Cement-Head, but usually ends up at Cement-Head's mercy. Wants to lead all Decepticons, ruling by fear rather than respect. Talks tough but has been known to run from pacifist Autobots in fear. If not for the powerful armaments he co-pilots, he'd have been scrapped long ago, most likely by a Decepticon sick of his rantings. Can reach speeds of 180 kph for short periods in vehiclular mode, much slower when combined. Limited steering capabilities, often overturns while seperated.

Function: Communications
"Ride the Airwaves"

Fascinated by the science of communications. Loves radar & radio devices. Unfortunately for Cement-Head, he's not too bright. Applies himself mentally to any job assigned, since he knows his own mental limits. Very strong for a Micromaster, but slow and bulky. His dedication to his work has earned the respect of friends and foe. Often gets into arguments with comrades - will only kill to save his own life. Despite this philosophy, he's an incredibly loyal Decepticon, and a willing soldier. Equipped with radar & radio units in forearms, capable of transmitting FM radio signals powerful enough to be detected 500km away.

Decepticon Anti-Aircraft Base

Function: Gunner
"I agree with whatever it is was you said"

Blackout is notorious among Decepticons as an easily-confused dimwit. He is intelligent, however his neuroaudiosystems are faulty. In other words, his brain is fizzed and his hearing plays up on him. Suffered brain-box damage early in the war. Usually follows Spaceshot's actions, as he doesn't know what's going on. Believes himself to be inferior, and tries to blend into the background. Often the target of practical jokes, due to his vulnerability. They are cautious about how they treat him, a close friend of Megatron & Shockwave. Carries pulsar-pistol hich shoots large, short bursts of Energon, blowing circuits of enemies.

Function: Torturer
"They don't call me the best for nothing"

Arrogant and cruel. Spaceshot has a massive ego, and doesn't care who knows it. Keeps a tally of how many Autobots she's killed. Likes to leave them dying rather than kill then outright. Has been known to keep victims alive for days so she can make them suffer. Despised by most Decepticons, arrogant. Hates being paired with Blackout, has been tempted to maim her partner, but knows she'd be lucky to live for 6 hours afterwards. Carries laser pistol in robot mode, carries air-to-air missiles as jet component.

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