Sydney Meet 26 July 2008

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Roller decided to organise a meet while back in town for the weekend. An amazing number of fans actually had faith in Roller's ability to organise the event. To be fair, he pulled it off.

Fungal Infection, Tober, Lord_Zed (obscured) and Tron07 at lunch

Kuzzy trying to convince Bartrim that Dinobot can indeed fly

Roller, obsessed with jelly

As much as Gamblor loves his Minibots, neither Pulse or Sam seem too interested

Sam & Goktimus, victims of the surprise happy snap!

The Universe Classics Pulse brought along were the stars of the day

liegeprime thinks this is a regular photo, kup is unaware I'm holding the camera...

...meanwhile Roller is all too aware there's a camera around

Dinobot got jealous of Prowl's attention getting

Fungal loved his shirt

Pulse, Gamblor, Sam, Tron07 & Goktimus all engrossed in their toys

Thanks to Howard @ Pizza Hut for taking the group shot: Standing: Tober, liegeprime, Gamblor, Tron07, Fungal Infection; seated: Bartrim, Kuzzy, dirge, Tiby, Pulse, Sam, Goktimus Prime, kup, Roller, Lord_Zed

Check out Zed's evil facial!

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