Sydney Meet 16 November 2008

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With Roller back in town for the weekend, a group of Sydney Transfans went against common sense and decided to meet up with him.

This isn't quite how Lord_Zed expected it to be...

You're giving me a $2 Happy Meal toy!?!? (He said yes!)


Lord_Zed wasn't impressed with the Happy Meal Toy, so he gave it to Kuzzy




Lunch. L-R: liegeprime, kup, roller, Lord_Zed, Fungal_Infection, Goktimus Prime, dirge, Tober, Gamblor, Kuzzy

Some random dude came up to us and started talking about Alternators


Roller doesn't do sensible in front of the camera (or otherwise, come to think of it)

Kuzzy was copping Luke Skywalker hair jokes all day

TFU Dirge, which I picked up on the way to the meet. At way under RRP (c8

My attempt at an artistic shot. I had about 13 attempts...

City Commander was very popular

Kuzzy's Spittor

Sometimes the best photos are when the subject isn't expecting it. roller _did_ hold down his ice cream...

Lord_Zed specialises in weird poses

Lots of Transformers changed hands

kup, roller & Lord_Zed

This photo didn't quite come out how I expected. But check out Kuzzy's red eye!

The crosseye liegeprime tried in the last shot

This one wasn't set up...

In The Rocks, L-R: Kuzzy, Gamblor, Roller, liegeprime, kup, Goktimus Prime, Tober, dirge, Lord_Zed, Tetsuwan Convoy

Mrs Convoy taking the group photos

The good old photo-of-taking-a-photo trick

The group walking

Kuzzy did a lot of skipping

He sang, too

...mostly off-key...

...and he got the words wrong...

...but I still encouraged him!

Goktimus Prime & Kuzzy making a scene

While Gok played with Silverbolt, Kuzzy skipped some more

...and more...

...and more...

...and more...

...and more...

...and more...

...he got home with sore feet, but I got my photos!


I put the bottle there, but he hammed it up for the camera

Would you want this for Christmas?

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