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Beetle (McDonalds TF)
Function: Espionage
"Friends are the greatest assets"

Beetle is somewhat torn between remaining loyal to the Predacons and defecting to the Maximals. When he formed a friendship with Panther, he started to wonder if he was on the right side of the fence. He doesn't dislike the Predacons as such, but is uneasy with the war. Feels that his defection might turn the tide and end the war, or least he hopes it will. Once he's been given a mission, he'll go and get the job done. He can be very cunning, and his beast mode allows him to sneak around with little risk of detection. Enjoys the comradery of being part of an army, but hates the fighting. Very vulnerable in beast mode, carries no armour, however he can inject acidic poison through his horns. Not too strong in either mode, the smallest of the Predacons. Carries laser-sword in robot mode, which he uses mainly to defend himself. A capable lockpick.

Str: 3 Int: 7 Spd: 6 End: 8 Rnk: 5 Cor: 8 Frp: 2 Skl: 9

Rhino (McDonalds TF)
Function: Cavalier
"Beast mode is better, and that's that!"

Determined, dedicated warrior. His small size hides his true strength. Sometimes hardheaded, to the point of stubbornness. Despite his stubborn tendencies, Rhino's one of Optimus Primal's most dependable warriors. Spends most of his time in Rhino mode, more so than other Maximals. It's not as fast as he'd like, but he likes being quadrupedal over bipedal. Although he's physically strong in both modes, the beast mode is much better armoured, with a steel undercoat beneath the skin, although the head area lacks this layer. As a rhino, he uses his horn as his only attacking weapon. Carries x-ray laser as robot which causes significant flesh damage.

Str: 9 Int: 4 Spd: 4 End: 9 Rnk: 5 Cor: 7 Frp: 4 Skl: 5

Manta Ray (McDonalds TF)
Function: Internal Enforcement
"Do what I say - or else!"

Manta Ray's sleek, swift beast form contrasts sharply with everything else about him. Very robust as a robot, Loses his temper very easily. Gruff, brutally efficient warrior. It's his job to keep the Predacons in line, and he's not afraid to let them know he means business. Simply put, he's a professional bully. Always acts tough, even when confronted by someone more powerful than him. It's not so much that Manta Ray is stupid, he's just very, very spirited. Likes to torment those below him when not battling the Maximals. Hated by most of his comrades, but noone's about to criticise him. Not just because they're afraid of him, but they realise he's a tremendous asset to the army. As a ray, uses his speed as defence, evading firepower. Can generate electric shocks as ray, shoots tranquilliser darts from forearms as robot. Despite these armaments, his favourite method of fighting is to use his fists. His greatest liability is his temper, sometimes gets ahead of himself in a rage and acts without thinking.

Str: 7 Int: 6 Spd: 8 End: 5 Rnk: 7 Cor: 9 Frp: 3 Skl: 4

Panther (McDonalds TF)
Function: Scout
"Fortune favours those ready for it"

Panther's the ultimate opportunist. Always looking to score points with Primal. Tries to outdo his fellow Maximals. Basically he's a suck-up. Jealous of the skills of his peers, proud of his own. Has a tendency to get on the other's nerves, and that often includes Optimus Primal. Luckily a by-product of this is that he gives his all in battle. Relishes glory, has a tendency to brag, although he's learnt (the hard way) when enough is enough, being one of the weaker Maximals. The reason he acts as he does is because he feels he's inferior, and so is constantly trying to prove his worth, to himself as well as his comrades. As a panther, he can walk without a sound, and is often sent on break-enter missions. Very agile as a panther, but also not well armoured. Carries electric-shock whip as a robot.

Str: 4 Int: 6 Spd: 8 End: 4 Rnk: 5 Cor: 6 Frp: 2 Skl: 7

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