Ultra Magnus Tech Specs

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Set in the G1 continuity. I've written the fanfic, Full of Energon as backstory to this group of tech specs.

Ultra Magnus
Function: City Commander
"Consistency is victory"

Still the soldier, now binary bonded with Knock Out, who houses Ultra Magnus' damaged spark. Knock Out's personality dominates in truck mode, but is very similar to Ultra Magnus - very few are aware that Knock Out is dominating. Ultra Magnus is more unsure of himself than ever, he still carries his responsibilities, his increased vulnerability is always in the back of his mind. His body requires more maintenance than before, largely because more he uses more energon supporting Knock Out as well as himself. The trade off for this is an increase in strength and the addition of extra weapons in the form of the Requiem Blaster, formed from Astroscope, Payload and Skyblast.

Str: 10 Int: 9 Spd: 6 End: 6 Rnk: 8 Cor: 7 Frp: 6 Skl: 8

Knock Out
Function: City Commander
"War is a necessary evil"

Perfectly complementing Ultra Magnus, Knock Out now houses Ultra Magnus' spark, and cannot survive without Ultra Magnus. He still retains his former role of Space Patrol commander, but the other three members of this patrol can function independently, so this role is now secondary to his main job of being Ultra Magnus' partner. A stoic, unquestioning soldier, Knock Out is a sombre, serious fighter who understands the reason for struggle even though he personally detests it.

Str: 8 Int: 9 Spd: 5 End: 6 Rnk: 8 Cor: 8 Frp: 4 Skl: 6

Function: Surveillance
"Everything's worth doing"

A chirpy, vibrant Autobot, Astroscope has an enthusiasm for everything, and is the most talkative of the Space Patrol - and certainly the most talkative component of the Requiem Blaster. Astroscope uses very informal mannerisms in his speech, which he picked up from Earthen radio transmissions (usually TV) he intercepts while in orbit. Aside from forming the barrel of the Requiem Blaster, Astroscope can also attach to Ultra Magnus as a missile launcher.

Str: 6 Int: 7 Spd: 9 End: 8 Rnk: 4 Cor: 6 Frp: 8 Skl: 5

Function: Waste Disposal
"Wanna Bet?"

On Cybertron, Payload was a compulsive gambler. When he first arrived on Earth, Payload initially kicked the habit, since he had trouble getting into casinos. Once he discovered online gambling, Payload quickly slipped back into his old ways. When he's gambling Payload ignores everything around him (although he's usually aware of it), and when he's not gambling he's usually sullen, quiet and not always co-operative. Payload is not terribly well liked by his teammates, although they tolerate him. He hates his role, and spends very little time actually doing it, he'd rather be fighting than moving around refuge. Forms the handle of the Requiem Blaster or a wrist mounted club for Ultra Magnus.

Str: 4 Int: 6 Spd: 4 End: 6 Rnk: 4 Cor: 5 Frp: 5 Skl: 7

Function: Interplanetary Materials Transport

Skyblast is perhaps the most unmotivated Autobot ever. He shows almost no initiative, instead spending his life in neutral. If others didn't encourage him, Skyblast would be perfectly capable of standing still watching existence go by. Once set onto a task, Skyblast will finish, since he's not the type to make a decision to stop. Can travel short distances, between planets and the like, and can last up to six months on a single recharge. Becomes the hilt of the Requiem Blaster or a shoulder mounted cannon for Ultra Magnus.

Str: 4 Int: 3 Spd: 9 End: 10 Rnk: 4 Cor: 3 Frp: 7 Skl: 3

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