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Los Guerreros Negros
(The Black Warriors)

Usually when Autobots arrive on Earth from Cybertron, their first port of call is the Ark, in the United States of America. Los Guerreros Negros are the exception to this rule. Their transport from Cybertron to Earth was carried out by the most unbalanced member of the team, who landed them in Nogales, Mexico instead of the Northeastern US. As a result the team adopted Spanish in place of the English the other Autobots on Earth speak.

While the team did eventually make their way to the USA, they retain Spanish as their Earthen language, and use Cybertronian when communicating with fellow Autobots. Led by Sombra, the group can merge to form Trueno, or can pair up to form three intermediate sized robots. The usual combinations are Sombra Echador, Rociada Apagón and Nueces Trastos.

All mottos are translated from their original Spanish.


Sombra (Physical model: Black Wing)
Function: Guerreros Negros Leader
"Al final somos todos solos"
"Ultimately we are all alone"

The most serious member of the group, Sombra is the glue holding the team together. Trastos is really the only member of the team he feels he can relate to. Spends most of his time trying to keep his charges together and out of trouble. Despite the constant company, Sombra finds his job a lonely one, since the only member of his team he has any affinity with is often absent. As a fighter jet, Sombra has excellent stealth capabilities.

Str: 6 Int: 8 Spd: 8 End: 6 Rnk: 9 Cor: 8 Frp: 6 Skl: 4

Echador (Physical model: Black Waver)
Function: Warrior
"¿Porqué gastar la vida siendo serio?"
"Why waste your life being serious?"

The prankster of the group, which makes Echador perhaps the worst possible partner for his leader. As much as he annoys Sombra, the constant supervision keeps Echador out of considerable trouble. Immature and selfish, Echador rarely thinks about - or cares about - the consequences of his actions. In hydrofoil mode, Echador is incredibly manoeuvrable although not particularly fast.

Str: 5 Int: 4 Spd: 4 End: 8 Rnk: 4 Cor: 5 Frp: 3 Skl: 8

Rociada (Physical model: Black Dash)
Function: Advance Scout
"¿Porqué parar en la linea final?"
"Why stop at the finish line?"

Impetuous and quick thinking, Rociada is actually quite intelligent but rarely thinks his actions through beforehand. His wits usually keep him out of trouble, and when he does make bad calls he's usually quick enough to get out of trouble. If he ever stopped to reflect, Rociada would be a tremendous asset to the Autobots, but his short attention span and speed make him a difficult soldier to control.

Str: 6 Int: 7 Spd: 9 End: 4 Rnk: 4 Cor: 8 Frp: 5 Skl: 6

Apagón (Physical model: Black Tacker)
Function: Defence
"Si me voy a morir espero no recordarlo"
"If I'm going to die, I hope I wont remember it"

Apagón's role is to defend when all hope is lost - he's the last to retreat, giving others time to escape. This constant self sacrifice has made Apagón rather insecure, almost to the point of paranoia. His mental trauma manifests itself in data track loss - Apagón often has no recollection of battles in which he's fought, even those where he's ultimately saved others. His thick armour in both modes makes Apagón a hard target, even if his psyche is nowhere near as durable.

Str: 9 Int: 7 Spd: 3 End: 10 Rnk: 6 Cor: 3 Frp: 7 Skl: 5

Nueces (Physical model: Black Mach)
Function: Transport
"¡Nueces hacen las mejores jaquetas!"
"Walnuts make the best coats!"

Nueces is easily the most unpredictable of the Guerreros Negros. Very eccentric and hard to control, making him unpopular amongst his teammates. The simple fact is that Nueces is a few diodes short. When adopting an Earthen name, he chose a word translating to "Walnuts", the folly of which seems to have escaped his warped logic. Nueces's utter lack of logic makes him difficult to deal with in any capacity, and Sombra avoids giving him any responsibility if at all possible.

Str: 6 Int: 2 Spd: 9 End: 9 Rnk: 3 Cor: 7 Frp: 5 Skl: 2

Trastos (Physical model: Black Tackle)
Function: Translator
"¡Fuerza México!"
"Go Mexico!"

The only member of the team with a passable command of English, making Trastos an invaluable member of the team. His usefulness is often compromised by his new passion - football. Since his arrival on Earth, Trastos has spent more time watching football than doing anything else. Will often disappear when Mexico's national team are playing, and will reappear draped in the national flag. His teammates do not share his passion, and Sombra is increasingly frustrated with the otherwise well balanced Autobot's antics.

Str: 6 Int: 7 Spd: 4 End: 6 Rnk: 6 Cor: 5 Frp: 3 Skl: 8


Trueno (Physical model: Black Landcross)
Function: Super Warrior
"La batalla mas dificil es la que esta dentro tuyo"
"The hardest battle is always within yourself"

Racked with internal conflict, Trueno strives to do his best despite the conflicting thoughts of his six components. The element that is Sombra usually keeps Trueno more or less focused, but the other elements are always a distraction. He is at his most effective when Sombra and Apagón are dominating, but when Nueces dominates things usually get messy. Trueno is a dedicated warrior, despite his internal conflicts, and often feels guilty after his less controlled elements wreak havoc.

Str: 10 Int: 6 Spd: 8 End: 8 Rnk: 7 Cor: 9 Frp: 9 Skl: 7

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