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I really like seeing combiner characters given their time in the spotlight. Swindle has probably gained the most attention, and he's easily my favourite choice for a Binaltech Decepticon character. Since the blue Prowl figure doesn't really fit any of the more traditional G1 Autobot characters, I decided to pick a slightly less prominent character for this toy.

"Darkness befriends noone"


Raiden's defeat at the hands of Predaking was brutal, but not total. Amongst the battered shell of the once mighty super warrior lay the mangled Getsuei - immobilised but very much alive. He was eventually rescued by the Protectobots and rebuilt using the new Binaltech technology, but the extended delay left Getsuei bitter, manic and angry. Whilst Getsuei does lament the loss of his teammates, his rage stems from a feeling of abandonment and extended solitude. Whereas previously Getsuei was always indolent during the daytime, he now spends his days sullen and alone, ignoring virtually any contact. At night he comes alive, driven by rage. His nightfighting abilities are excellent albeit clouded by his rage. Even at night, Getsuei is withdrawn, avoiding social contact with his Autobot contacts, preferring solitude in battle.


Getsuei carries a night laser pistol which absorbs the scant light of the surrounds and focuses it into powerful laser blasts. Also carries an infra red laser baton which emits strongly in far infra-red, illuminating a battle in wavelengths very few Transformers can see. The baton is a simple melee weapon, however it becomes a distinct advantage since it allows Getsuei to see his opponent in perfect darkness. Getsuei can see far into the infra-red spectrum, to the point where he can faintly see microwave radiation. Getsuei's Binaltech upgrade has made him significantly physically stronger than before.


Getsuei is unusually susceptible to Ultra Violet light, which most Transformers can see to some extent. Prolonged exposure to strong UV light damages the photoreceptors in his eyes. Whilst he is physically strong, Getsuei's fighting style is at best erratic, so if a foe manages to outsmart him - or generate enough UV light, Getsuei is very vulnerable. He rarely listens to the advice of others, since Getsuei's only real interest is in conflict. Whilst there are those within Autobot ranks who feel sympathy for Getsuei's situation, few will actively try to help him in battle since he's unlikely to stop shooting on their account.

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